Why Meri Brown Is Different from the Other 'Sister Wives' women

Meri Brown, one of the main faces of TLC's "Sister Wives," has gone through a lot of rough times on the show but now she seems to be in a much better and happier place.

The show premiered back in 2010 and, at the time, Meri was Kody Brown's official wife out of the four, but all that changed when they got a divorce just so he could marry Robyn.

Since then, Meri had to deal with a lot of issues, including loneliness, jealousy and even an online catfishing scheme she fell victim to before rising like a phoenix.


However, all these events helped her become the confident and self-sufficient woman that she is today, someone who doesn't depend on others to be happy.

Meri began straying from the pack after Kody tied the knot with Robyn, which was supposedly the only way he could adopt her three children, and this deeply hurt her.

This caused a strain in her relationship with Kody. Despite the years they spent together, Meri claimed she didn't really know who he was anymore and that she felt lonely and isolated.

She said:

"I feel like I'm just doing my life by myself. That's not what I signed up for. I just feel lonely. I'm just alone, so much at the time." 


This led her to seek comfort in a stranger that she met online, who told her how her family was being bad for her and made her feel safe by saying all the right things.

Initially, Meri believed she was talking to a man but, as it turns out, it was a woman. Still, the Sister Wife admitted that was she feeling happy and that they laughed a lot together.


Nowadays, the 48-year-old is a completely different person. Back in 2016, she became an independent retailer for LuLaRoe and started selling their products, a job that she is still passionate about to this day.

She also managed to restore a historic family home and turned it into the Lizzie's Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Parowan, Utah, which she is extremely proud of.


Meri completely turned her life around and traveling has been helping her find herself again. She loves sharing her adventures with her fans on Instagram and show the world and much happier and independent she is these days.

She is so confident in the woman she became that she even posted a photo of herself with Kody on her birthday in Flagstaff, proving that she doesn't let her bad experiences define who she is today.

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