Kate Middleton Greets the Queen with Cordial Kiss Charming with Her Excellent Manners

Gracious Egedegbe
May 22, 2019
06:25 A.M.
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Kate Middleton yet again displayed an excellent curtsey for Queen Elizabeth!


Kate returned to the "Chelsea Flower Show" on Monday evening having spent the earlier hours of the day displaying her new garden exhibit to the kids and also helped them build small boats from reeds and then made marshmallow toasts on a fire.


Her Children and husband were the first to check out the project, and the Duchess of Cambridge was prepared to receive her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, on the garden to give her a tour afterward.

The Queen was present with Prince Edward, Princess Beatrice, The Countess of Wessex and Princess Michael of Kent among many others. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed The Queen and took turns in paying their respects to her.

Prince William greeted his grandmother by kissing her on her cheeks. Kate repeated this gesture and followed it up with a quick curtsey, an action which caught the eye of the people present.


Princess Charlotte, Kate's 4-year-old daughter, already knows how to do a curtsey, which her mother taught her, perfectly. The little Princess was firstly seen displaying the gesture during the royal family's travels in Germany and Poland two years ago.

A curtsey is a traditional gesture of greeting done by a woman or a girl where she crosses one of her legs behind the other and quickly bends her knees as she lowers her body in deference. As explained by Myka Meier, founder, and director of "Beaumont Etiquette," the more the time taken to pause during a curtsey, the more the honor shown.


The Queen was around to check out The Duchess's project before the official premiere of the show on Tuesday. Kate went ahead to show the Queen around the garden, showing her tree house, then the waterfall and varieties of flowers.

The Queen commended her that the garden was clean. Kate was seen picking litters of woods in the garden before The Queen's arrival, so the compliment was well deserved.


Designers Andrée Davies and Adam White assisted Kate with the development of the garden. The garden's theme is "Back to Nature" and was built to be a fun place for families and an environment to appreciate nature while relaxing and enjoying its benefits, Mental and Physical.

Kate and William visited the project with their children on Sunday afternoon. The family built a den, which they sat on, from woods they picked. The family played in the garden's treehouse, swing, and waterfall. When George was asked to rate his mother's work on a scale of ten, he said it was a twenty out of ten!


Kate revealed that the children had also helped in the development of the exhibit, stating that the sticks in the garden were from Anmer Hall, their country home. She said,

"All the sticks are from Anmer, and the children collected the pine cones."

The Royal Family has always had close contact with the "Chelsea Flower Show." The Queen is the patron of the Royal Horticultural Society, and she attends the show with family members year in year out.