Jeopardy!' Champ Wins 23rd Game in a Row, Bringing His Total to $1.78M

Gracious Egedegbe
May 21, 2019
02:35 P.M.
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James Holzhauer has taken his success on “Jeopardy” to a whole new level as he bags another championship on the show making it his 23rd time.


Holzhauer carted away the sum of $89, 299 making his winnings an enormous total of $1,780,237. He began playing in April and in a short time the popular game show contestant has accumulated a large number of earnings as well as arresting the attention of viewers and fans of “Jeopardy.”


The 34-year-old sports gamester from Las Vegas holds the position of second-longest winning in a row with Ken Jennings in the first place. Holzhauer uses an aggressive approach in staking as he aims for higher value clues instead of starting low.

He sets for himself a task of gunning for daily doubles which earns him early leads. Being a professional gambler, James has mastered the art of tolerance to be able to stand risk-taking. He also has for himself each of “Jeopardy’s" slot for top 10 highest single-game winnings. 


Coupled with all of Holzhauer’s successes, he also got the approval of Ken Jennings who is in the number one position for “Jeopardy”’s games with 74 winnings. Jennings praised his fellow “Jeopardy” star saying:

 “It’s impossible to overstate what a statistical outlier Holzhauer has been during his Jeopardy! rampage — even for a fellow Jeopardy! outlier like me. Let me put it this way: When I set the one-day Jeopardy! earnings record back in 2004, my total that night was $75,000. Over his first 22 games on the show, Holzhauer is averaging $76,864 per game. Nice work, if you can get it.”


Ken Jennings went on as he mentioned some obstacles Holzhauer encountered on social media as trolls referred to him as “unfair” and “boring.” Jennings wrote while going on to state that the professional gambler forged ahead despite the “online furor.” He said:

“Holzhauer has been met every night by a barrage of hot takes about his streak: He’s “broken the game.” He’s “ruined the show.” He’s “unfair” to his competitors or “boring” to watch.”

The “Jeopardy” celebrity praised Holzhauer’s tactics and wining methods as well as his wit in risk-taking. Ken added:

“Just taking that chance is what I admire most about Holzhauer.”


Jennings concluded by saying:

“I’m the only person alive who knows firsthand how difficult it is to do what Holzhauer is doing, and that’s why I’m rooting him on.”

Within the short period that the Vegas gamester appeared on the show, James Holzhauer has helped “Jeopardy” increase some of its records.