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Here's Why Baby Sussex Might Have a Really Difficult Life

Ra'eesah Manack
May 21, 2019
02:45 P.M.
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Baby Archie entered the world on May 6, 2019. He's been adjusting to life outside the womb in the comfort and privacy of his home but experts predict it will not always be so easy for the young royal.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have sheltered their son from the world and strived for ultimate privacy from the moment he was born. However, experts believe it will be short-lived.

As the world eagerly wait to watch little Archie grow, those close to the family revealed the young royal's life isn't going to be entirely easy.


He is targetted by racism

Little Archie's birth holds a huge amount of historical significance. His birth touched many as he was "the first interracial baby in the British monarchy's recent history."

Many feel he is a "symbol of hope for many biracial people." Unfortunately, the young royal has also become a target of racist remarks.


Privacy is a luxury Baby Archie will not experience

While Harry and Meghan are striving to maintain a certain amount of normalcy and privacy their combined fame means Archie was born into next-level fame. Needless to say, privacy will be a luxury that will probably elude Baby Sussex.

Royalty comes with Rules

Growing up in the royal household means that Archie will need to have etiquette training to learn important mannerisms such as how to bow to the Queen and what is acceptable behavior in public. He will also be expected to follow certain rules such as a dress code that was determined long before his birth.


Title or No Title:

Archie is not technically a royal. Prior to his birth, speculation that he would be given the title Earl of Dumbarton swirled but royal experts revealed he is instead, a master.

The title is not a royal one as his parents chose not to give their child a title. However, since Archie is seventh in line for the throne meaning he could one day be assigned a title when Prince Charles becomes king.


Royal expert Victoria Arbiter explained that Archie would be bestowed a royal title and become His Royal Highness, Prince Archie. The title will also come with the expectation that he perform royal duties.

Unfortunately, it would also mean that Archie would have no choice but to pursue a career within the royal family. This means that he will probably not experience a "normal" working life.


He's an American Brit

Archie might be a member of the royal family of England but he is also technically an American. This is because his mom, Meghan, is an American.

Unfortunately for Archie, this means he's liable to the IRS as the U.S. requires all American citizens to pay taxes. The royal family will need to pay the IRS on Archie's behalf until his 16th birthday when he can pay a fee to renounce his American citizenship.

Regardless of the difficulties he may one day face, little Archie's parents are ensuring he is never short of love. The couple, who recently celebrated their first anniversary, have spent their time since Archie's birth focusing on their family of three.