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Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals She Had an 'Unhealthy Relationship' with Adult Content

Oyin Balogun
May 23, 2019
08:35 A.M.
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Jada Pinkett Smith had a candid nothing-is-off limit discussion about adult content with her mother and daughter on the "Red Table Talk," and the teenager also made a shocking reveal.


Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch "Red Table Talk” is famous for having no-holds-barred conversations into every topic imaginable, no matter how uncomfortable it is.


On Monday's episode, the actress together with her mother — Adrienne Banfield-Jones and daughter — Willow Smith had an open and honest discussion about pornography.

The discussion started while the ladies were in the dressing room, and Jada made it known that she is uncomfortable at the rate in which children get access to the adult content. The discussion progressed to the "Red Table" where the "Matrix Reloaded" actress, admitted that she had an unhealthy relationship with the adult content when she was younger.


The mother-of-two said she was single at the time and was practicing abstinence, but is glad she was not seeing anyone at the time as watching the X-rated content leads to false expectations that are not healthy for a relationship.

Willow, joining in the conversation, said she started watching porn when she was about 11-year-old on Tumblr after her girlfriends advised her to try it out, and will watch it now if it has artistic value.


At this admission, Jada revealed that she was aware of it, and her daughter stated she didn't have a problem with it because she had the actress and her father — Will Smith — to have open conversations with and was able to differentiate make-belief from reality.

The teenager equally asked her mother and grandmother not to stigmatize the adult movie so that those who have an addiction to it will not be ashamed to talk about it and seek help.


Adrienne, at this point, said the conversation was too much for her, and she felt that watching pornography is unnatural but understands those who feel the need to view it. The trio also talked about how addiction to pornography affects relationships and the fact that women are not allowed to explore their sexual side like their male counterparts.

Jada then brought in an adult content addict, Garrett Jonsson and his wife, Arial. The couple admitted that Jonsson got hooked before they started dating, and after getting married, it took him four years to confess he had a problem.

Now, they are working together for him to overcome it, and are still in the process. In 2018, Jada admitted she once had a sex-toy addiction, and it took time for her to get over it; the actress hopes that as she continues to raise these topics that society shy away from, she'll be able to help people face their problems and overcome them.