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Why Magic Johnson Abruptly Resigned as Lakers President & the Alleged Betrayal

Oyin Balogun
May 21, 2019
05:13 P.M.
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Finally, basketball legend, Magic Johnson spilled why he decided to resign as the President of the basketball team, "Lakers." Just like most people, Johnson hates backstabbers!


Many were shocked last month when the "Lakers" president dropped the bombshell of his resignation. Different rumors and speculations were made by fans who were trying to wrap their head around why the sudden decision was made.


Magic, however, cleared the rumors on Monday during an interview session with "ESPN's" "FirstTake." During the show, Magic shared the series of events that led to his resignation and even revealed some of the secrets of the organization.

While he was going on about the reason behind his decision, Johnson called the General Manager of the club, Rob Pelinka a backstabber.

To fully understand what he meant by the statement, one of the show's host, Stephen A. Smith further asked Magic if he was referring to some of his former co-workers as backstabbers or if the term was only for Pelinka. The legend, however, replied that he meant Rob Pelinka was a backstabber.


Not only the hosts were shocked by the news, but thousands of fans and players were also caught off guard including LeBron James. The former president, however, did elaborate on what he meant, he said,

“I start hearing, 'Magic, you are not working hard enough. Magic's not in the office.’ People around the Lakers office were telling me Rob was saying things, Rob Pelinka, and I didn't like those things being said behind my back, that I wasn't in the office enough. So I started getting calls from my friends outside of basketball saying those things now were said to them outside of basketball now, just not in the Lakers office anymore.”


Magic and Pelinka were hired around the same time in 2017 and things seemed to go well between the two, unfortunately reverse is now the case and Johnson now feels like he's been betrayed. He also revealed that he had lost the power he thought he had and realized that there were decisions he needed to make that he couldn't. That, however, became frustrating for Johnson who decided the best thing to do was to leave the club altogether.

Pelinka, however, told "NBA TV" that the allegations against him are not true. The GM stated that he stands beside Johnson and is hoping to talk to him eventually.

It is not only shocking to see Magic resign, but the reasons behind it seem somewhat alarming. Hopefully, people in the industry can do better and learn to work together in harmony.