Tori Spelling Takes a Birthday Pic with ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Co-Stars

Tori Spelling posted a birthday snap recently with Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley amid behind-the-scenes showrunner drama.

To celebrate her 46th birthday, Spelling shared an Instagram photo, where she is seen holding a plate of cupcakes that spelled out "Happy Birthday Torball."

"Why should I be scared to work? And why aren’t people held accountable for their fabricated stories?"

The photograph, which already amassed over 74,000 likes as of this writing, shows the actress surrounded by her "BH90210" co-stars Garth and Priestley.

"Even though we were working all day and doing wardrobe on my bday I was happy to share my bday cupcakes with my friends [Garth] and [Priestley] ... and was fun to hear the news that our [BH90210] promo hit a record high of over 24 million views!" Spelling captioned the post.

The image comes only days after their upcoming show "BH90210," a meta reboot of the 1990s hit series "Beverly Hills 90210," encountered some major changes behind the scenes.

As reported by Variety, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and some senior writers left the six-episode series. Although the specific reason for the departure is unsure, a source said that the conflict was over interference from two of the show's female stars.

Some rumors claimed that Shannen Doherty was the reason the writers quit, but it was immediately cleared up by the actress.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Doherty wrote, "I realized this morning, that I have a fear of doing what I love because of headlines like this."

"Not only because there is zero truth to it but because it lessens me and my journey, battle, experience with cancer," she added. "Why should I be scared to work? And why aren’t people held accountable for their fabricated stories?"

"I refuse to be cast in the same villain role because 'journalists' lack imagination and I certainly refuse to be cheapened as a survivor and as a woman by them," she continued. "Yes, i am a strong woman. I have been thru hell and back. I am compassionate and caring. I'm multi faceted and not someone to be pigeon holed."

In spite of the setback, a source revealed to PEOPLE that things are moving along smoothly on the set after the transition.

"BH90210" is set to premiere on August 7 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. The show is inspired by the real lives and relationships of the actors, Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteras, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling, with each other.

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