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How Donald & Melania's Relationship Has Changed According to a Body Language Expert

Comfort Omovre
May 25, 2019
11:49 A.M.
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Donald Trump and Melania's marriage has always been under public scrutiny with many speculating on the state of things. A body language expert explains how things stand between the first couple.


Being the President of a country is tasking, and having to maintain a home and a marriage during that period adds extra pressure to the load. This is the bedrock of the belief by many that the relationship of President Trump with his wife, Melania, has gone sour.


According to "Business Insider," a body language expert, Patti Wood, analyzed the current state of the relationship of the first couple using four pictures dating to the campaign trail and back to 2019.

The first picture analyzed shows the couple laughing together after the First Lady said her husband needs to go off Twitter during an appearance on the "Today" show in 2016.

The second shows the President trying to hold Melania's hand on the day of the Easter Egg Hunt at the White House in April. The next shows the couple leaning in for a kiss in a picture taken in May 2019, and in the last, the Trumps' are seen walking hand-in-hand across the White House lawn.


Wood said while the couple was genuinely happy in the first picture, the others show that things are not alright with the two. The body expert believes that their postures and gestures are not that of a happy couple, and it shows repressed feelings and unhappiness.

As believable as her opinion is, there is a different view from someone who once worked close to the couple as a White House aide. Cliff Sims, in his book "Team of Vipers" wrote that the public perception of the relationship of the first couple is wrong. He said they are happy together and Melania is protective of her man and his Presidency.


The President and the mother-of-one met back in 1988, at a time he was getting divorced from his second wife, Maya Maples.

They dated on and off for some years, and during Trump's Presidential bid under the Reform Party in the year 2000, the two broke up. They got back together later that year, and in January 2005, they got married and had a son, Barron, the next year.

Their marriage has always been in the tabloids and last January, it was alleged that the billionaire President had an affair with adult film star, Stephanie Clifford — Stormy Daniels shortly after he married the FLOTUS.

Trump denied these allegations, and during an appearance on "ABC News," Melania stated that she is more focused on being a mum and a First Lady, and do not have time for scandals.

Whatever the truth is, whether there is trouble in paradise or not, the first couple remains together and continue to weather the storm that comes with leading a country together.