Lady Gabriella Has Her Wedding Photos Taken at the Same Spot as Meghan's Engagement Pics

Lady Gabriella shares her wedding portraits which were taken at the same spot as Meghan Markle's engagement pics.

Lady Gabriella Windsor got married to Thomas Kingston, on Saturday at St.George's Chapel in Windsor Castle — the same Church as Meghan Markle's.

Lady Gabriella, Prince Michael of Kent's 38-year-old daughter, shared her official wedding photos with the public on Tuesday. The pictures were taken in the gardens of Frogmore House — the same location Prince Harry, and Meghan made their wedding portrait.

The photographs which were taken by Hugo Bernand featured three series of shots which the couple appeared in. The first was a personal photograph of the couple only. The second was a picture that displayed the couples positioned alongside their bridesmaids and Pageboys in front of a beautiful pond.

Lady Gabriella had quite the cute and classy bridesmaid group. Beautifully dressed in cream-colored dresses with blush underlays, Sashes, and Flower rings in the hair, were Isabella Windsor, Leonora Weisman, Maud Windsor, Eliza Goldsmith, Emily Connolly, and Aurelia del Drago.

The bridesmaids wore dresses similar to that of the bride. Luisa Beccaria designed each of the dresses.  The pageboys, a boy group, made up of Karim Khawaja, Rafferty Murra,  and Frederick Murray dressed in shirts, the same colors as the dresses of the bridesmaids, Knickerbockers, and Papouelli designer shoes.

The reception of the wedding took place inside the Frogmore House, attended by Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Gabriella's father among many other royals, all of whom took a large family portrait with the couple, which is the third photograph in the series.

Gabriella wore a beautiful wedding Blush gown Adorned with flower embroidery and a veil which derived its color from tulle and organdy. She completed the gorgeous dressing with a Russian originated diamond tiara, in respect with tradition. Princess Marina, the Duchess of Kent, and Princess Michael of Kent all wore the same piece on their wedding day.

Gabriella is currently 52nd in line to the throne as she is the Queen's first grand cousin; her father, Prince Michael, is the monarch's first cousin. She is also related to Prince William and Prince Harry and a distant relative to Prince Philip.

Lady Gabriella's Mother is Baroness Marie Christine Von Reibnitz; popularly known as Princess Michael of Kent by her marriage to Prince Michael. Lady Gabriella's brother is Lord Frederick, married to Sophie Winkleman with two beautiful daughters.

Lady Gabriella was born on the 23rd of April 1981, and she has the same birthday as the Queen! The 38-year-old lady is a writer and has written for "The Sunday Telegraph," "The Evening Standard," "Country life," and "The Spectator" among many others. She is an alumnus of Brown University.

The lady has been a subject of bad press in the past as a writer named Aatish Taseer who claimed to have dated her wrote an article about how they both did drugs and swam naked in the pool of Buckingham Palace. Taseer also included that Gabriella's mother was racist. The story was later said to be untrue by the Lady's spokesperson.