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Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Renewed for Three More Years (Video)

Comfort Omovre
May 26, 2019
08:02 A.M.
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Ellen DeGeneres informs her audience and fans while on the set of her eponymous show that she will continue to host the show for three more years.


“Doing this show has been the ride of my life,” Ellen captioned as she shared a clip of a recent episode on “The Ellen DeGeneres show” while informing fans on Twitter of her plans.


DeGeneres began by saying:

“Ok, so I’ve been doing this show for sixteen years. That’s about 3000 episodes.”

Being her hilarious self, the award-winning TV host addressed her audience and viewers as though she was about to drop a bombshell or perhaps end the show. But it ended up being a decoy as she made her intentions known.


Ellen said:

“I don't remember them, but I'm told it was enjoyable. And when we started, that was before Instagram, before Youtube, we were young, we were bored out of our minds, and from the beginning, I said that this show was going to be like a relationship. We have been through the good, the bad, the 50 Shades of Grey phase, and it's been a lot of fun. And 16 years is a pretty good run.”

She also added by saying:

“you're stuck with me, because I just signed for three more years,” to which the audience gave a life cheer.


Fans on Twitter were excited the announcement did not turn out as they feared. Someone wrote:

“You had me scared you were going to break up with us there for a second.”


The comment gathered over 900 likes pointing to the fact that a lot of fans felt the same way. The Celebrity host went on to talk about how it all started as she shared the period she hit hard times in her career as an entertainer. DeGeneres mentioned that the 16-year-old show was her “second chance” as she had lost her career for some time.


Before her announcements, there have been rumors that DeGeneres was bringing her eponymous show to an end. This was due to an interview she recently had with “New York Times.”

The stand-up comedian informed the news outlet that she was torn in between renewing her contract or just ending it altogether. Her indecision stemmed from her brother Vance DeGeneres, and Ellen’s partner, Portia De Rossi.

While Vance preferred that she continue the show, De Rossi advised her spouse to end the show. DeGeneres has however signed up for three more years.