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Elderly Man Scolds His Wife for Forgetting Her Glasses in a Restaurant

Comfort Omovre
May 26, 2019
08:04 A.M.
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An older man scolded his wife harshly for leaving behind her glasses at a restaurant and taking them away from their journey, but things took an unexpected turn.


An older man and his wife were on a road trip together; they decided when they got hungry to stop at a restaurant by the road to have their lunch.

An older woman | Photo: Shutterstock


After having their meal, they got back into their car and continued their journey.

However, the older woman left behind her eyeglasses unknowingly, and she didn't realize it was not with her until they had driven about 40 minutes from the restaurant.

To make things worse, they could not turn around to get it until they had driven a little further from where they were when she remembered the glasses.

The older man, being an old grouch, became testy, complaining endlessly about the time they've wasted turning around and how long it will take to get back to the restaurant before resuming their trip.


The more he scolded her, the angrier and more stirred up he got, and he didn't stop for one second as they drove back.

An older man | Photo: Shutterstock

When they arrived, the older woman was relieved and rushed out to retrieve the glasses.

As she moved towards the restaurant, the old fusser yelled after her:

"While you are in there, you might as well get my hat and credit card."