Walmart Cashier Who Walks 6 Miles to Work Gifted New Car Thanks to Officer

Mary Scott
May 24, 2019
07:18 P.M.

A cashier at a Louisiana Walmart who walked six miles to work every week for three years is now the proud owner of a brand new car, and it all began with a kind police officer.


About once a week for the past three years, 52-year-old Anita Singleton from Slidell, Louisiana would head out at 4:30 am for her 7:00 am shift, not minding the discomfort that must come with walking many miles.


According to WWL, however, Singleton does not believe that is enough excuse to not show up at the work she loves.

"We share a bit of ourselves with each other, and that is a blessing," Singleton said of her workplace. "You cannot put a price tag on that."


Earlier this week, the Walmart cashier had a chance encounter while on her usual walk.


Slidell Police Officer Bradley Peck was wrapping up his shift in the early hours of the morning when he came across Singleton on a narrow bridge.

Narrating his encounter on the department’s Facebook page, Peck recalled being worried for Singleton’s safety and getting worried when she told him where she was headed.


“I said mam, that's a really long walk, jump in, and I'll give you a ride,” Peck wrote.


As it turned out, Singleton and the officer had quite the ride, talking about everything from faith to family. “We talked the entire way about everything from faith to work ethic to how she was raised, how I was raised,” Peck told WWL.


In his Facebook post, the kind officer further revealed:

“‘I thank God everyday when I put my key in the door’ she told me. ‘So I have to keep going to work no matter what.’ …She told me when she can't get a ride she has to do what she has to do. We shook hands and she went into work. That brief moment of me getting to spend some time with her made my day so much better. I don't think she knows how much hope she gave me and valuable life lesson she taught me.”



Singleton’s story went viral in no time, prompting coworkers to step in and offer her rides whenever she needed it.

But that was only the beginning.

Singleton’s inspiring story reached Matt Bowers, the owner of a Chevrolet Dealership, who then tweeted: “If someone can track this lady down, I will give her something to drive."



“I’m a car dealer, and I made the decision that the right thing to do for the community was to give Anita Singleton a car,” Bowers added, according to "The Advocate."

An oblivious Singleton was then led to the car dealership on Wednesday afternoon. There, Bowers presented her with two options: a white Chevrolet Captiva and a dark red Traverse.

Still recovering from the pleasant surprise, Singleton chose the white Captiva and although she’ll have to get used to driving again, already has plans to “go on a Honey Island swamp tour.”


Singleton will also not be paying a dime on her car, as Bowers promised to cover insurance, taxes, and registration on the vehicle as long as she owns it.

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