Loren Brovarnik of '90 Day Fiancé' Gets Candid about Feeling 'Free' While Having Tourette Syndrome

Accepting oneself is one of the most powerful decisions a person can make, as demonstrated by television star Loren Brovarnik when she revealed to the world that she had Tourette’s syndrome.

Loren Brovarnik revealed for the first time to the world that she had Tourette's syndrome in 2016, while she was part of the television show 90 Day Fiancé from TLC. Until then, very few people knew the truth of their tics and just talking about it was very difficult for her.

However, from that first time that she spoke about her condition, Brovarnik has become an ambassador of the Tourette Association of America and no longer feels the need to hide her symptoms or be ashamed of them.

This is how Brovarnik expressed it to People magazine during the Summer of Love celebration in New York. "I'm ticking in front of you, I'm twitching in front of you, I don’t care because it's part of me," she said.

Three years have passed since Loren confessed in front of the cameras about how bad she felt when she learned that her husband Alexei had revealed her secret to his mother without her permission.

After telling her story in front of the whole world, Loren says that she feels "free". Having hidden her condition for so many years had not helped her to face them, but had made her feel insecure about herself.

"I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I'm more confident," she said. Alexei sees it too. "I think it was great because I freed her," Alexei, 30, told PEOPLE at the event.

Hiding her symptoms had only made Loren feel isolated, but once she shared her true self, not only did she feel better, but she has also connected with others and helped change the way people perceive Tourette’s syndrome.

Unfortunately, few people really know what it means to suffer from this neurological disorder and may even make negative comments to people about their symptoms. People can be cruel when they don’t understand what is happening.

For a long time, Loren suffered because spectators from the show that made her famous made hurtful comments about her tics and they even accused her of taking drugs. However, now people are constantly thanking her for the work she does.

“I’ve helped a lot of people, which is crazy because I’m a nobody. And the fact that people have told me, thank you… If I can help one person, I’ve done the right thing.”

In another story, Carrie Underwood granted the wish of a little boy with Tourette syndrome and invited him on stage to sing with her.

The country singer was singing her hit song, “Little Toy Guns,” at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati when she spotted the young boy amongst the crowd.

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