Granny-of-Eight Who Became a Mom of Quadruplets at 50 Sees Her Kids Christened

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 27, 2019
07:54 P.M.
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A Britain mother was excited to christen her quadruplets whom she birthed after having an IVF treatment last year. She was 51 at the time. 


Tracey Britten welcomed three girls and a son in October 2018 with husband Stephen. The rare news spread like wildfire at the time because of Britten's advanced age. Her husband is 39. 

Since their arrival, Britten revealed that she's had little sleep, but finally had a good "kip" the night before the children's christening. "A good kip isn't easy when they're all teething," she explained to the Sun.


She continued: 

“Then when one gets ill they all get ill but I’m getting there. People said I was mad when they found out I was going to have a baby at 51 and they did a double take when it was quads. But I wouldn’t swap it for the world. They’re lovely bundles of joy.”

The kids were christened at a Southgate church in North London on Sunday. Two of Britten's three grown children attended the event, as well as her brother Glenn and her sister Jackie. 


Britten's babies are named George, Grace, Frederica, and Francesca (the last two are twins). She reportedly paid approximately $8,873 for the IVF treatment that blessed her with her children. 

The little ones join Britten's eight grandkids from her grown children through her first marriage. At 50, Britten's pregnancy was described as being a one in a million chance. 


It took 31 medical personnel and a cesarian section along with intensive care to safely deliver the four newborns. Afterward, the children remained in the hospital for a while, but their mom was confident they would be fine. 

Speaking to the Sun at the time, she said

“I’m so grateful. I just can’t wait to get them home. The babies have not all been together yet, each hooked up to different machines. It's been a whirlwind and I'm so grateful. One of the quads has had so many tubes around her that I haven't seen her face properly.”


Online, some people were appalled by Britten's actions because of the staff needed to perform the delivery. According to an article by Independent, people struggled to get services like joint replacements and other operations, so they were frustrated when resources went to the older woman who already had children.

Plus, Britten avoided following IVF policies in her country and had gone overseas to Cyprus to get it done. She only wanted one more child but is elated to have all four of her kids, who she calls her "miracles." We wish her and her babies continued health and happiness.