Donald Trump Shares a Video of Arlington Cemetery to Honor US Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

President Donald Trump honored fallen U.S. soldiers through a video which he posted on Twitter following other tweets attacking his political enemies.

Americans came out on Monday, Memorial Day to pay tribute to those who lost their lives for America. People visited memorials, participated in parades, and wore their nation's colors proud to commemorate their heroes. 

It came as no surprise when America’s President, Donald Trump, used his Twitter account to relay a message and honor soldiers who served and laid down their lives for the country. 


While in his state visit in Japan, Trump posted an edited video featuring the Arlington National Cemetery and visitors who came to commemorate their loved ones, honoring America’s fallen soldiers.

“We remember on this day our beloved sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, spouses, friends, and neighbors. Patriots who served,” the video previewed. “Join us this Memorial Day as we honor them.”

While others saw a light in his posts, other political individuals slammed the president for considering pardons to military men and women convicted of war crimes. Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, addressed the military service avoidance of Trump during the Vietnam-era.

“To any reasonable observer that the president found a way to falsify a disabled status, taking advantage of his privileged status in order to avoid serving,” Buttigieg said on “This Week.” “You have somebody who thinks it’s alright to let somebody go in his place into a deadly war, and is willing to pretend to be disabled in order to do it. That is an assault on the honor of this country.”


Trump's honor to the soldiers was in line with his role being the commander-in-chief, yet his tweets were mixed with opinions that wiped out the atmosphere he set after posting Memorial Day commemoration posts. Days prior, Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him a ‘low IQ’ individual, and his political rivals.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted about North Korea’s missile launch, which did not disturb him. Two days later, he complained about Democrats “getting NOTHING done in Congress!” 

“I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse,” Trump tweeted.


While Trump couldn’t be in his home country during Memorial Day, he delivered a speech to the U.S. troops aboard the USS Wasp, docked in Yokosuka, Japan.

“I have to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day,” said America’s president. “On this Memorial Day evening in the United States, Americans are concluding a sacred day of remembrance, reflection and prayer.” 

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