Duane Chapman Shares a Photo of Son Garry Arresting a Fugitive

Duane Chapman shared a photo on Twitter of his son, Garry, arresting a fugitive, and it led to an exciting banter between him and his wife, Beth Chapman.

The family of Duane "Dog" Chapman is famous for their bounty hunting show "Dog the Bounty Hunter," and most of the male children followed their father into the family business.

Recently, Duane's son, Garry Chapman, caught a wanted fugitive and the proud father took to Twitter to sing his praise. The bounty hunter wrote that Garry is on fire and he is very proud of him. Next, he joked about his younger son taking over from his older brother, Leland Chapman, writing, "He's trying to steal your thunder."

After the post, Beth Chapman, the matriarch of the family, tweeted that the young bounty hunter is her "Baby" and in another post, wrote that they've discussed whose son he is.

It started an exciting banter between the reality TV couple, and the patriarch of the Chapman family replied that while he agrees, for the topic at hand, Garry is his son.

The head bounty hunter also wrote after Beth called the young man "Mama's boy,"

"You can think he's your son all you want, but woman, the day he started running, he was mine."

They continued with the back and forth until the mother-of-two asked the father-of-eleven to quit while he is ahead.The fugitive that sparked the entire banter is Leonard Trujillo. Jr. He was hiding out in Rocky Ford County after jumping bail at El Paso County where he was standing trial for first-degree assault.

His capture is part of the new show the Chapman family is filming "Dog Most Wanted," and they traveled with their entire crew to get the fugitive. They had assistance from the Rocky Ford Police Department, and according to the Chief of Police, Angelo Grigio, the bounty hunters did most of the work.

This capture is coming amid Beth's battle with cancer, but she is not letting the sickness slow her down. In early May, she appeared at the Source Church with her husband to share her story with the congregation.

Duane, while introducing her mentioned feeling scared when he thought he might lose her, but the TV star had faith that she would make it, and God confirmed it.

Beth on her part said facing her immortality made her wonder how her family would fare if she didn't make it, but despite the doubts and questions, the couple is holding on to their faith and focusing on spending time with their loved ones.

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