Amy Roloff of LPBW Gets Criticized for Her Behavior after a Recent Episode

Amy Roloff is once again under fire after the recent episode of "Little People, Big World," and this time, her critics came all out.

Since the last episodes of "Little People, Big World" started airing week after week, Amy Roloff, became a constant topic of discussion, and it's not all pleasant.

The reality star before the last episode aired, shared several photos on Instagram, including one with her boyfriend, Chris Marek. She asked fans of the show to watch it and once again teased about the "Big decision" she is making during the season finale.

The episode showed Amy still indecisive about the future of the "Roloff Farm," and it didn't sit well with fans of the show. They took to the reality star's Instagram page to air their views.

One follower wrote that the mother-of-four always said that the house is enormous, but refused to let Matt have it, writing at the end "Make up your mind, lady."

Another asked the "TLC" star to make a decision as her ex-husband has been waiting for two years, adding that it is a ridiculous time to ask someone to wait.

Others said the father-of-four and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, are more real than Amy, and they asked her to stop being selfish and quit complaining about her ex's relationship.

The fans also called the show annoying, with some threatening to boycott the remaining episodes. They also wrote that Marek looks like someone who is with the TV personality for fame and money.

At this, Amy came to the defense of her show and her man. She responded to a fan whose comment read, "I don't like Chris," writing, "But you don't know him."

However, she conceded that the show has been following one storyline for so long and need to expand, but noted that it lies with the producers.

Matt, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying a lot of goodwill and vacation time with his girlfriend. The father-of-four shared a picture of himself and Chandler away on vacation at Sedona AZ on Instagram.

However, he is not oblivious to the anger the fans are expressing towards his ex. In April, he defended her with a post on Instagram after she got criticized on the ongoing "Big Decision" teaser.

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Most of you should know that I don’t have a hired gun to manage my social media accounts ... everything that I post is from me directly... like everyone.. sometimes I’m in a more tolerant mood and other times not as much. Either way I need to repeat I Don’t allow four letter name calling (swear words) or unnecessary mean comments about Amy, or any of my family or friends. I can’t possibly catch and delete every mean spirited comment. There simply isn’t enough time in my day... With that said, I have banned and deleted a dozen or more followers in the past few weeks for one reason or another. Once you’re gone ...your gone. I don’t have a process to have you back. I do allow spirited conversation and differing opinions especially about the show and what you see on TV because most of you are intelligent kind hearted people that understand we are a real family.. but we are sharing our life through the lens of a narrow TV camera. With that said, thank-you all (those that are still with us lol) for being so kind and warm to me and my family while we share our amazing journey thru life! “This is the day the Lord has made.. rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24. #positiveattitudsruletheday #lovelovetoyouall

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The TV star wrote alongside a picture of his children that he will not condone any insult targeted at his ex, or any friend or family member, adding that he has blocked those using unsavory words.

Amy also noted that she made a decision in the last episode, and she hinted that Matt got what he deserved. However, with everything going on, fans of the show are not sure it will return for the fifteenth season.

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