Katie Holmes Was Raised by Her Parents Alongside Four Siblings: Meet Them All

Katie Holmes might not have one of the most prestigious careers in Hollywood, but a lot of people know who she is and what she has done in show business.

Despite having played several roles since 1997, she is most known for her role as Joey Potter in the acclaimed television show "Dawson's Creek," which ran from 1998 to 2003.

But even though the world knows her, the same can't be said about her family, particularly her parents, Martin Joseph Holmes Sr. and Kathleen Ann Stothers-Holmes, and siblings, Nancy, Tamera, Martin Jr. and Holly.


Katie's father is an attorney in Toledo, Ohio, and specializes in personal injury, divorce law and business litigation. They have a very close relationship and it has been reported that he helped her in the divorce from Tom Cruise.


The matriarch of the Holmes family is believed to be a philanthropist and has always been Katie's number one fan. Owner of a sharp sense of humor, she jokingly claims that her daughter's strong personality comes from the fact that she was born prematurely.


Tamera, sweetly known as Tammy by friends and family, is Katie's oldest sister. Born in 1968, Tamera has two children from a relationship with Joseph Jeffrey Fretti. Sadly, Joseph passed away in 2009, a few weeks after Tamera filed for divorce.


Katie loves all of her siblings, but she always had a special bond with Holly, with whom she shares an almost telepathic connection. She is a mother of three and resembles an older version of the actress.


Martin remains the only son the Holmes ever had and was named after his father. But they don't just share the same name as Martin decided to follow in his father's footsteps and became a lawyer after graduating from the University of Toledo.


Born in 1975, under the Zodiac sign of Aries, Nancy is Katie's third oldest sister and she's also the most mysterious one considering that the only thing known about her is that she is a teacher.

The Holmes family is Katie's main support system and they are always there to help her. Not only that, but she also has quite a lot of fun with them.

Just last week, the actress was spotted in a rare public appearance with her mother as the two rushed to attend the 2019 American Ballet Theater Spring Gala at New York's Metropolitan Opera House.

On May 2018, Katie was also photographed with Kathleen in New York. At the time, the mother-daughter duo attended an event honoring Ava DuVernay and her series, "Queen Sugar."