Lauren Duggar Gives Fans a Glimpse of Baby Bump after Her Miscarriage in a New Photo

After losing their first baby, this beautiful young couple deserved the best and they have received now the blessing of a new child. 

Lauren Duggar from the TV show 'Counting up!' showed her little pregnant belly at the wedding of Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart's stars of the show 'Bringing Up Bates' last Sunday. It was her first public appearance after the announcement of her new pregnancy.

Lauren and her husband Josiah announced a few days ago through their Instagram account that they were expecting baby No. 2 after Lauren lost the baby they were expecting in October last year. The couple decided to name their first son Asa.


With a tender session of photographs, they made public what they have called 'a great blessing from God'. In a photo, the couple appears holding an ultrasound image. They also wrote that going through this test has shown them how good God is and that miracles happen.

At the wedding of Carlin and Evan, the soon-to-be-mom Lauren, 20, wore a beautiful white floral dress that she finished off with a thin red belt highlighting her small baby belly. Her husband Josiah wore a tie with floral motifs to match his wife's dress.

The couple attended the wedding of the stars of the TV show over the weekend together with other members of the Duggar family. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, his older sister Jana Duggar, and Josh Duggar with his wife Anna Duggar, who is also pregnant with their sixth child.

Jo-Anna Duggar, 21, served as maid of honor to her friend Carlin. She is also pregnant and appears in several photos during the wedding, with her 18-month-old baby Gedeon cradling in her lap.

In a recent interview, Lauren and Josiah shared their feelings about the loss of their first baby and how they are dealing with this new baby they are expecting. This little bump on its mom's belly is their rainbow baby, after the painful storm that they have lived through these difficult months.

They shared their feelings of being extremely grateful for this new baby, Josiah explained that he left at 4 in the morning to buy a pregnancy test and that Lauren could not stop crying out of gratitude for the sweet blessing they now have with this baby.

They also revealed that although they have no preference about the gender of the baby they are expecting, if it is a boy, his name will be chosen by Josiah and if it is a girl, Lauren will name her.

A few weeks ago when Lauren celebrated her 20th birthday with the Duggar women, the fans speculated if she would be pregnant again. Lauren appeared in this celebration wearing a beautiful floral dress with a high-waisted blue background and a loosely pleated skirt.

However, in the precious tribute that Josiah wrote to her wife for Mother's Day, where he encouraged her with sweet and loving words, they did not seem to know that they were already in the sweet wait.

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