Jessica Chastain of 'Dark Phoenix' Fame 'Survived' a Horse Bite to the Chest

Even horses cannot resist the gorgeous Jessica Chastain! The actress shared a video of herself getting bitten by a horse on her social media account.

The “Dark Phoenix” actress attempted to pet a horse on the side of a street and, to her surprise, it bit her on the chest. The event was captured in a video that she posted on her official Instagram account.  

“I can’t believe that I survived,” the actress wrote.

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🖤 WOMAN 🖤 😘 @ralphlauren

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As Chastain attempted to pet the horse, it sniffed around her chest before biting down as she swiftly pulled back and exclaimed in shock. 

“Ow! That horse just bit my boob. Literally just bit my boob."

In the comments section to the video, the actress added that she does not support the horse carriage industry

“For everyone’s knowledge- Loving an animal and wanting to give it affection does not mean that I support the horse carriage industry. I always stop and ask if I can pet an animal. That’s my nature,” she wrote

Seems like Chastain will not be petting horses any time soon.

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I can’t believe that I survived.

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Currently, Chastain is on an international press tour for her new film “Dark Phoenix”, which is the latest adaptation in the “X-men” franchise. 

Actors including Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, James McCoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Even Peters also star in the highly anticipated movie. 

The movie revolves around the story of Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, who develops deadly powers that turn her into a Dark Phoenix as they corrupt her.

In an interview with Lifestyle Inc, Turner revealed how she is excited about the movie because of its female focus. 

“All the female characters in this movie are the strongest characters,' she said. “We have a female protagonist, a female antagonist, all while the female protagonist is also somewhat of an antagonist.”

“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” will arrive in theaters on June 7.  

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