May 29, 2019

Lamar Odom Blames Brothel Owner for 2015 Overdose

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While doing several promotional rounds for his new memoir, Lamar Odom dropped by "The View" and revealed that it was the brothel owner that caused his almost fatal overdose in 2015. 

Lamar Odom blames late brothel owner Dennis Hof for trying to kill him through poison. The former Los Angeles Laker revealed the shocking accusation on "The View" last Tuesday, saying he did not take drugs the night he overdosed at the Love Ranch brothel in October 2015. 


A plot to kill? 

According to Lamar, he was framed that night into being poisoned, as he didn't even take drugs that night. He believes it was planned by the brothel owner himself. 

“I think Dennis Hof… I don’t know what he had against me, but I didn’t do drugs that night, to be honest with you. So I don’t know if he tried to poison me, or … I don’t know what he had against me. He tried to kill me.”


When asked for proof by one of the talk show hosts, Joy Behar, the 39-year-old says that he's unable to back up his allegation. However, he claims that his lawyer found workers at the brothel who said that his speculations were true. 

“He almost succeeded, though. I didn’t [take drugs that night]. I’ve been at odds with my daughter [Destiny] about this. She’s like, ‘Leave it alone.’ I would like to clear my name.”


Lamar's Regret

Lamar Odom has been more open about his personal life recently, thanks to the memoir that he released. In that memoir, he revealed the one thing that he regrets the most out of all the regrettable things he's done in his life. That was when he threatened to kill Khloe Kardashian. 

At one point, the 39-year-old admits threatening to kill Khloe while he was high on cocaine and ecstasy after she called his friends for help when he started hallucinating in his "man cave."


When his then-wife knocked on the door to check on him, he grabbed her by the shoulders and screamed at her. 

That was when the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star ran upstairs and slammed the door behind her, making it difficult for him to ask for forgiveness. 

“I was embarrassed and ashamed. It was a new low for our relationship and my life … the most regrettable moment in a series of regrettable moments.”

Now that Lamar is coming clean about all these things, it's unclear whether or not Khloe will actually give him another shot at being in her life, especially since he's made it clear that he still cares for her a whole lot. 


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