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Adam Levine & Wife Behati Prinsloo Still Can't Get Consensus on How Many More Kids to Have

Gracious Egedegbe
May 29, 2019
02:54 P.M.
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Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are parents to two beautiful girls and want to grow their family-of-four. The problem is that they can't agree on how many more to have.


For the first time, Behati Prinsloo, the wife of Adam Levine and mother of his two children appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday, even though they are close friends.



Ellen wasted no time informing her audience that she named Behati and Levine's first daughter, Dusty Rose, and pointed out that the model was not a fan of the name at first.

The mother-of-two agreed, saying that when the "Maroon 5" lead singer brought the name to her, she was set against it because she felt her parents would think it meant "Dust," adding:

"You know, they are Afrikaans, and English is not their first language."

However, during her pregnancy, the name grew on Behati, and it stuck, and now the little girl is "A Dusty."


The baby talk moved on to the celebrity couple expanding their family, and the model stated that although Levine wants five kids, she's leaning towards three or four.

She pointed out that she is the one to carry the pregnancy, and added "Adam can't have everything," a point Ellen concurred.


Even though the model is not leaning towards having five children, she once said in an interview that she wants a big family.

The model told "People" in March that she is an only child and wants to expand her family.


Levine doesn't mind a big family. While appearing on Ellen's show in 2017, he reiterated this fact, joking that Behati would love to have a hundred children, but that's a lot of babies.


The good news is when they do decide on the number to have, the new additions to the family will have two dedicated parents and older sisters. Behati once said that the "Girls Like You" singer is a loving dad and the stricter parent.

The couple welcomed Dusty in 2016, and in 2018, they gave her a sister, Gio Grace. They met in 2014 and got married two years later in a ceremony officiated by Jonah Hill.


Behati also spoke on her trip to Namibia for her work with Save The Rhino Trust, and at the end of the interview, Ellen gifted her with wings attached to a backpack, signifying her status as Victoria's Secret angel.