Woman Spent Fortune to Look like Blow up Doll but Said She's Still a Good Mom

Aby Rivas
May 29, 2019
09:12 P.M.

A British woman has spent around $13,000 to become a human sex doll. Still, Cindy Moore doesn't think her looks are a problem when it comes to raising her two kids, despite the critics she gets from other parents.


The mother of two children, from Salford in Greater Manchester, has been trying to emulate the look of a doll since she was 19 years old.


Cindy has undergone breast augmenting surgery, uses hair extensions, and increases the size of her lips three times a month with filler injections, all to achieve her dreamed look. Her inspirations are Jessica Rabit, Pamela Anderson, and Angelina Jolie in “Beowulf.”

“That over the top, sexualized look, I find it attractive, alluring and powerful,” she told the Daily Star.



Moore has even bought a new license plate for her vehicle that says "doll." And she’s not done yet. She says that she still needs more surgeries and wants to keep augmenting her breasts.

“I'm hoping the doctors will be able to give me my dream boobs. I would like the size of the two now as one to bring them up to 2,000 CCs,” she said on an episode of “Botched” earlier this year. “I'd love to have my top ribs removed just to give me more of a tiny frame,” she added.


Cindy’s Instagram page is famous among men for her skimpy outfits and racy poses. And although she admits her pics could be considered as soft adult entertainment, she says she posts the pictures mostly for herself.

“I think people just think you post these pictures because you want sex or you want a man, but I post the pictures because I think – ‘Wow! You look great.’ I post it because it makes me feel good,” she said.


As a teenager, Cindy struggled with body-image issues because she was flat-chested. After her first breast surgery, she started to feel better, but after giving birth to 9-year-old daughter Lacey and 7-year-old son Max, her body changed.


“Before I had my kids, I was always extra small in clothes size and then after I had my kids, I just gradually gained the weight. I had my daughter, I gained weight when I had my son, and I gained weight.”

“And then at the time I was going out with a guy who was into bodybuilding so I was feeding him up all these meals with loads of carbs because he wanted to get really muscular and what happened in the process is he went to about nearly 17 stone in muscle, and I was 17 stone in fat.”



Cindy has had to face constant criticism on her social environment since she decided to change her appearance.

According to her, she has been harassed by other mothers, both at her children's school and on the internet.

Her situation is so serious that some parents forbid her children to make friends with Cindy's daughter.


Despite her sexualized appearance, Cindy considers herself a good mother. She doesn’t wear her racy outfits around the kids, and cooks for them helps them with homework and makes them laugh with their jokes.

“I don’t think that me having this sort of look will affect my daughter because she is only eight and she is literally more comfortable than me,” Cindy stated. "She is one of the most confident little girls that you could meet, and she laughs at me and says ' I don’t Need that to look fabulous.'"



Moore says her kids don’t mind her appearance and if anything, they say she's silly.

“How [ever] sexy I appear to someone else, to my children I’m always like an embarrassing mom. I could be sat here in black shoes and a little string, and they will be like ‘ahh put some clothes on,’” she joked.

Her daughter Lacey added: “Mummy bakes nice food and she’s beautiful, And I like her lips. Everyone else’s mums are really ugly."

Although Cindy often gets comments from thousands of men wanting to pursue her for her looks, her romantic life is not that active.

“I have noticed men are interested in the persona and not the real me,” she confessed. “It’s the reason I rarely date as I can tell most men just want to sleep with the living doll, so I'm very standoffish when it comes to dating.”

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