Beth Chapman’s Nephew Slams Trolls Who Mock or Hurt People Fighting Cancer

Cyberbullying is a virus that makes social media sick, and Beth Chapman from the show Dog the Bounty Hunter knows it very well after having personally suffered hundreds of attacks. But this time, she has someone to defend her.

Twitter trolls have again attacked Dog the Bounty Hunter star, Beth Chapman, but fortunately one of her nephews has come in her defense. Justin D. Bihag decided to stand by his aunt’s side and tweeted a strong message in her defense on Monday afternoon, after getting tired of seeing how Beth is being attacked by strangers for no reason.

Cruel messages began when Beth publicly called her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, for not wishing her a "Happy Mother's Day." The star even noted that Lyssa had congratulated several of her friends but refused to talk to her or send a simple message.

In addition, Beth felt deeply sad because Lyssa didn’t invite her or Duane "Dog" Chapman to her granddaughter's graduation. As usual, Beth's followers got involved in the family drama and those who were not on the celebrity’s side began to send quite disheartening messages.

Beth must have felt very attacked since she later wrote on Twitter that she was silencing and blocking people because of the large number of negative comments she was receiving due to her fight with Lyssa.

The wife of the famous Duane "Dog" even shared a screenshot of a direct message sent to her by a fan after getting mad at Beth for not answering him. After seeing so many comments, Justin had enough and his new tweet is gaining more support for his aunt.

As soon as she saw the tweet, Beth responded that she loved him. And thanks to this simple but strong gesture of support for Beth, a wave of fans also came to her defense and expressed that they were upset with the way people treated the 51-year-old woman.

"Cancer is no joke! And anybody who thinks you can tease or mock or hurt someone going through it, is not only disrespectful, but stupid."

There have been many people who have made negative and degrading comments about her, despite everything that she has been going through in her life. This is her second fight against throat cancer, and the famous bounty hunter has now decided to give up chemotherapy and rely on faith.

Many of her followers joined her nephew's complaint and expressed their support by sharing stories of their own loved ones fighting against cancer at this time, and describing how bad they would feel if they were attacked by insensitive and lacking empathy people.

Although Justin didn’t tag any Twitter user in particular, his tweet seems to have generated a positive effect on users who felt it since some comments were deleted.

We are happy that Beth has had support from her family members against Twitter trolls and we hope that every day there will be fewer people dedicated to trying to poison other people’s life.

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