Beth Chapman Praises Leland's Support after Lyssa Snubbed Her on Mother’s Day

The television star felt disappointed on mothers' day and expressed it heartily through social media.

Beth Chapman has had a difficult season in the last months and needs all the support possible to cope with the tough battle she is fighting. She has had the support of her fans but has been put aside for one of her children.

On Thursday morning, Beth used her tweeter account to send good wishes to several of her friends and also reprimand her stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman for not having contacted Mother's Day. However, she didn’t forget to praise her son Leland for being there for her.

Beth is currently fighting cancer for the second time, so it is only natural that she wants to be as close as possible to her family and not miss a single one of each memorable moments.

It is for this reason that the reality show star also expressed the sadness she feels for not having been invited to her granddaughter's graduation, and added that she would have done anything to be there at that moment.

"I am very disappointed today, knowing that my daughter [Lyssa Chapman] not only did not recognize me on Mother's Day but also sent a text message to some of my friends and wished them a [Happy Mother's Day]. She decides to exclude her father and me from ABBIES graduation Friday," Chapman wrote in the tweet.

"I would have moved a mountain to be there."

Beth's fans immediately reacted with many messages of support and consoled The Dog's wife by promising to pray for the union of her family.

Lyssa is the daughter of Duane and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain. The couple was married for almost ten years, from 1982 to 1991. Baby Lyssa, as she is known by her relatives, has had an unstable relationship with Dog and Beth, however, we hope they can resolve their differences.

Fortunately, Beth is not let down by the circumstance and while fighting against cancer in an advanced stage, the television star continues working and living life to the fullest.

We sincerely hope that this family conflict does not take away the strength to continue fighting against his illness and that he can always count on the unconditional support of his thousands of fans and friends.

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