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California Father Named a ‘Person of Interest’ after His Baby Daughter Was Found Dead

Bettina Dizon
May 30, 2019
11:45 A.M.
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Alexander Echeverria, who went missing with his 8-month-old infant is now on the hunt after his daughter’s remains were found behind a funeral home.


An eight-month-old infant, Alexia Rose Echeverria, was found lifeless on Monday morning behind a Bellflower funeral home in California. She went missing with her 22-year-old father, Alexander Echeverria, before the investigation, leading him as a prime suspect.

Family members reported the father and daughter missing on Monday after Echeverria drove off in a gray Volkswagen Jetta, after being considered suicidal.


Alexia’s mother, Karla Alvarado, was frantic upon hearing the news from an investigator on Monday night. She quickly recognized her child after knowing about the blanked and the car seat, which was left with the baby.


Echeverria said he would come back for Alvarado with their child after dropping her off at work on Sunday morning but never showed up. Alvarado said:

“He contacted his brother yesterday, I believe. He told him that he was playing with her, throwing her up (in the air), and he slipped, and she fell, and she wasn’t waking up.” She continued: “he got scared, and he drove to the hospital but never went in because he thought nobody was going to believe him that it was an accident.”


Earlier this year, a couple accidentally left their 2-year-old at the park during a family outing. It was only 14 hours later when the parents realized their daughter was missing.

The couple was not aware that one of their eight children were missing after telling them all to board the vehicle to leave the park, but did not check if all eight were there. It was only until the next day that they made the realization and immediately called 911.

The parents were arrested and charged with child neglect after the incident but were later released on a $3,000 bail.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who knows of Echeverria's whereabouts to contact the office at (916) 874-5115 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP.