May 30, 2019

Christina Aguilera Explains Why She Quit ‘The Voice’ Saying It ‘Wasn’t Quite the Fit’ for Her

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Singer Christina, a judge on the TV show “The Voice,” revealed that she hadn't been doing what she loves since being on the show and is ready to move on to actualize her dreams.

Christina, who was a judge on the show, admitted she had a good time with NBC but is ready to move on as her artistic side needs to be unveiled. She feels being on the television isn't her thing and didn't allow her to showcase herself.


The mother of two says one of the reasons why she decided not to go on tour is because she wanted to create a balance in the lives of her children and being on tour brought a lot of uncertainties.

Apparently, since her last tour in 2008, Aguilera is set to get on the road again as she's doing with her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood which debuts this Friday. She explained that:

“What I was doing last year with Liberation was kind of shedding of certain skin on some level."


The 38-year-old singer said that she feels a little anxious because it's been a while she's been on the road. In her words:

“I’ll totally be nervous, but I think nerves are part of the exciting chemistry and buildup and adrenaline that makes a show that much impactful. It's going to be a really great moment”.

Although Aguilera liked her job on the show, she felt after a while, she was just part of the financial setup, and she wanted more than that.

Her children; Max 11 and Summer 4 were the reason for her laying low these while; she felt she would be disappointing them more by not exploring her artistic spirit and becoming what she wants.



Recently, Aguilera went viral as sexy pictures of her were unveiled. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth shared these photos on social media. She was barely clad for Galore's Icon latest edition.

From diamond encrusted attire to see-through bondage dress, Aguilera was looking smoking hot! She captioned one of the pictures: “mama is ready to play “

This isn't the first time Aguilera is showcasing this raunchy part of her. On her 38th birthday, herself and her husband appeared in some hot photos.

We wish the ”Ain't No Other Man” crooner a fulfilling time as she goes back to her first love.