Prince Harry Meets His Mini-Me at an ICC Cricket World Cup Match

A Prince Harry look-alike stops at nothing to make himself noticed in the course of a visit from the Royals in London, at the ICC Cricket World Cup Match.

In a bid to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, several children presented the Anthem at the beginning of the game. The hearts of the new parents were mesmerized by the kids' warm welcome. But what struck Prince Harry's were the similarities a youngster shared with him.

The boy who had a baseball cap on also had a freckled face and was red-haired. However, the Prince announced the open of the match shortly afterward with a great speech. He said:

"Goodluck to all the teams and thank you to everyone who has played a part in making this tournament happen. Trust me; you won't want to miss any of it. I am now honored to declare the men's World cup 2019 open."

Several pictures went on the couples' Instagram handle. The post bore the description of their visit in images, likewise words. It read:

"Today, the Duke of Sussex opened the @ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, a six-weeks tournament featuring the world's top ten cricket teams...To inspire kids all over the world in the power of sports...on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, best of luck to everyone taking part in the @ICC Cricket World Cup 2019…"

Meanwhile, in Wellington, 7-year-old Harry wore a contagious smile as he held high above his head a sign which had bold letters signifying his name. He shared certain features with the Prince as well.

His mother, Nicola Smith, was thrilled when she revealed how the Royal couple conversed fluently with herself and her son. Their love and adoration towards young children are apparent in the way they speak and handle the kids they meet in their outings, even before they became parents.

Meghan Markle shared as much love as Harry when she noticed a girl who shared a resemblance with her on one occasion while they were at the surroundings of Sydney Opera House.

The Prince took a picture of Meghan's mini-me as his wife also complimented the young chap who had a shirt with the words "Girls can do anything."

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Whether it's a Harry or Meghan look-alike, the duo has established their genuine fondness for little kids which shows that they will be excellent parents!