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Rihanna's Recent Pronunciation of Her Name Reveals Many Have Been Doing It Wrong

Edduin Carvajal
May 31, 2019
12:32 P.M.
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Even though pop star Rihanna has been one of the most influential celebrities for more than a decade, some people might have been saying her name wrong all this time.


In a video shared on the British Vogue Twitter account, the Bajan singer appeared wearing a beautiful white outfit while introducing herself and promoting her Fenty empire.

While her clothes and gorgeous hair attracted a lot of attention, the aspect that made people go wild on social media was the way she pronounced her name: “Re-Anna.”

Rihanna herself clarified how her name is pronounced.



Some of her fans noticed something “strange” in the way she said her name and wondered if they had been pronouncing it wrong the whole time as they often say “Re-Ah-Na.”


Another Twitter user not only accepted she had been pronouncing her name wrong but also said that people who claim otherwise are “lying unprovoked.” One user pointed out that she knew how to say Rihanna’s name, “but I still say it incorrectly like 60% of the time.”


However, the problem is not global, as netizens noticed that only Americans pronounce “Re-Ah-Na.” A Twitter user said that “us brits we BEEN pronouncing her name right since dayyy [sic].”



While shocking, Rihanna herself clarified how her name is pronounced during an interview she had with AJ Hammer in 2012. In the clip, Hammer asked her to say her name in front of the cameras as people often messed with him for his pronunciation. The singer said “Re-Anna,” and Hammer rejoiced.


Recently, the singer made headlines by defying the conventional for her first advertising campaign for her fashion and beauty brand Fenty. She featured a 67-year-old gray-haired model to represent what her company stands for: beauty and fashion are for everyone.



The model’s name is JoAni Johnson, who appeared in the promotional video rocking her beautiful, long, gray hair next to the rest of the other ladies. The 67-year-old lady was wearing a pastel-pink shirt-dress and matching pants.


The way she became a model is very impressive as she was walking in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood with her husband a few years ago and a photographer asked to take a photo of her. Later, she appeared in a video for Allure magazine featuring people with grey hair.

The video went viral, and soon, the 5-foot-4 sexagenarian was thrust into the world of modeling. The Harlem native appeared in several magazines, including Vogue and Essence.

At 65, she walked the runway for the first time. And last year, she debuted in the runway of New York Fashion Week.