June 01, 2019

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Reportedly Have Even More Renovations Planned for Their Home

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The property already underwent a series of renovations in it's interior earlier in the year, in order to accommodate the Duke and Duchess and their new baby, and now they are working on its exteriors.

Now that baby Archie Harrison is already here, and the growing family has established in their new home, which was a present from the Queen, they have a few further changes they want to make to the royal residence.

The first news of Frogmore Cottage set up for renovations surfaced late in 2018, with much commentary about the costs of adapting the 5-bedroom 53-acre property to the needs of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their newborn.




Apart from the work done in the cottage’s interiors, a serious amount of taxpayers money was invested in security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, due to the exposed nature of the home.

Another round of renovations is in the works, focusing on the outside of the building and the gardens, taking into account the need to have a proper space for Archie to play around once he starts to grow.


"Frogmore House has a special meaning for Harry and Meghan, as it was where they took their engagement pictures in 2017, and also where they held their wedding reception."

“The Duchess is very involved in the project and wanted the final design to be perfect for them and Archie so they have called the builders back again to sort some parts of the build-out,” a source told Daily Mail.

There will also be purely aesthetical changes done, with Markle and Harry adding their personal touch to the interior decorations.



Early in April Harry and Meghan moved to their new home at Frogmore Cottage to await the birth of their first child Archie, another step towards their autonomy from Kensington Palace after splitting their household office.

“Their home is so cute and warm. The energy of the space is so much better [than Kensington Palace]. It’s a total fresh start,” a source close to the royal couple told People.

Frogmore House has a special meaning for Harry and Meghan, as it was where they took their engagement pictures in 2017, and also where they held their wedding reception.




Ever since the two became husband and wife, all eyes have been on them, and besides worrying about security issues the couple’s greatest struggle has been for their privacy.

A new show titled “Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess” states that in an extreme privacy measure the Duke and Duchess have reduced their staff to just one housekeeper, despite the dimensions of the property.

But according to Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, Harry and Markle eventually will have to add at least a nanny for Archie to the staff.

“Harry and Meghan, like William and Kate, are going to need someone they can trust, that they can rely on and someone that’s discreet enough they can welcome into their home,” Arbiter said.