Woman Considers Telling Boyfriend's Parents She'll Only Marry Him if He Has a Credit Score

Comfort Omovre
Jun 03, 2019
10:19 A.M.
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A 24-year-old lady is finding it difficult to decide on spending the rest of her life with the man she is genuinely in love with due to his debts; she plans on letting his parents know about the issue.


The perplexed young woman happens to be a part-time student, and she has recently reached out for advice on what to do. She claims that her boyfriend's family members always probe her at family hangouts on when she will finally settle down with their son.

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She stated that his parents are eager for the duo to begin a family already, but things have not been duly set for that to happen just yet!

She explained in her post that her partner's parents have accrued so much debt in his name and that he cannot afford to pay for or even own anything!

Her post read:

"They all make hopeful comments about me getting pregnant soon (not the right time), always talking about how great it will be for us to wed. They're a bit invasive, but at least they're supportive, I guess? (shrugs). I'm a part-time student and work, SO works about 60hs/week and doesn't make a lot of money… He was going back to the University next year for a degree he's so passionate about..he can't even get approved for school loans. His parents have taken multiple loans throughout the years in SOs name, which they never paid back..."


She got the advice of not going ahead with any "I do" plans until everything has been sorted out; while another comment advised that it was high time her man took the bull by the horn, and man up to his responsibilities, another implied going all legal about the whole loan-debt incurred by his parents!

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The situation is not only peculiar to the young lady; Cheryl, a woman who lives in Las Vegas also had a similar case.

In a bid to save her marriage and reignite the sparks, 35-year-old Cheryl went on a trip with her spouse, Dan. She seemed to be in distress over her husband's extravagance.

The pair's marriage hit rock bottom, and it was then she got informed about a $19,000 credit debt which she owed, thanks to the man she fell out of love with!

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The financial abuse suffered by Cheryl is a form of coerced debt, and it involves discreet transactions, taking loans online pretending to be that person, use of physical violence or threat to force the spouse to approve a loan via a signature.

Female celebrities who have been victims of such an abuse include, Tina Turner who got separated from her husband, Ike, and Mariah Carey from Tommy Mottola.


Carla Sanchez Adams, an attorney, opens up about the struggles of convicting a partner on theft. She explained that the dynamics of marriage makes it harder to treat cases like this.

Recently, "TheMoneyist" advised a young woman whose boyfriend is a divorcé, makes a hell of a buck, but has no savings as he spends lavishly.

She is told how to deal with the situation in order not to have a tragic ending like the few victims that had fallen prey to coerced debt.