Two Men Adopt Six Siblings at Once after Kids Wait about 5 Years for a New Family

Comfort Omovre
Jun 03, 2019
01:22 P.M.
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A couple from Pennsylvania officially adopted six siblings, three girls, and three boys, from a foster care home. The six children had been in the foster care home for nearly half a decade.

The couple, Steve Anderson McLean and Rob Anderson McLean met with the kids for the first time in June 2018, months after their biological parents lost parental rights to them.


Steve and Rob have been married for six years but had been together twelve years before the time of their marriage. The couple previously had two grown-up kids from past commitments and decided to have more kids after their kids got independent.

The Andersons then started to search for kids who were up for adoption after seeing an inspiring video of a couple who had adopted kids. They eventually got information about kids up for adoption in a foster care home in the state of Ohio.


Steve and Rob said they immediately fell in love with the kids when they got to meet them and it was at that point they decided to adopt the six of them, as it was common and unfair for a large number of kids from the same parents to be broken up during adoption.

The kids started to live with Rob and Steve one month after they met them and the couple described living together as magical, with them and with the extended family.


A year later, Rob and Steve said the love and bond between the kids and all of them in the family has become very strong, and by the time the judge, during the official adoption, asked if they were ready to live with the kids and treat them as their biological children, the couple responded affirmatively.

The kids all bear the names of the couple now. The couple said they are blessed to have the six of them and are willing to enjoy the crazy and fun ride.


Another interesting case recently caught the eye of the media as Katie Page, a single mother who got divorced years ago from a marriage where she bore no child, adopted four kids for the first time in 2016. In 2017, she adopted yet another kid, a baby boy named Grayson whose parent left at the hospital after giving birth to him.

Katie's adoption streak was not over yet as a foster care home called her in 2018 about a new baby, Hannah, who was up for adoption.


Katie took Hannah home but got the shock of her life after discovering that Hannah's birth bracelet had a name written on it, the same name as that of Grayson's mother. Katie then learned that Grayson and Hannah had the same medical condition at birth, as they were both exposed to methamphetamines in the womb.

Katie, with the help of her roommate, Chapa Ashley, started to put the puzzle together and later confirmed that Grayson and Hannah were biological siblings after a DNA test result revealed that they were.

Chapa and Katie were stunned and excited at the discovery, and Chapa described her roommate as more than a superwoman.

Katie described Grayson, 2, and Hannah, 1, as two entirely different kids. She said Grayson is calm while Hannah is wild and that's exactly where the fun is!

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