Here's Why Stephanie Zimbalist Doesn't Try to Look Younger: ‘I Don't Look in the Mirror a Lot’

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 03, 2019
06:38 P.M.
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Stephanie Zimbalist is not a typical Hollywood star. She really doesn't care that much about her looks as she's getting older. 


Zimbalist, born in 1956, is an American Actress, who rose to fame in the '80s when she starred as Laura Holt in "Remington Steele" alongside Pierce Brosnan. 

Born in a well-to-do-family, Zimbalist attended Julliard School for acting and began her career in the late 1970s. Her father, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., was also an actor.

Sadly, he passed away in 2014. For a while after that, Zimbalist stayed away from acting roles to process her grief. In addition, she's quite picky when it comes to what projects she decides to join, reported Broadway world. 


The news outlet interviewed the star when Zimbalist decided it was time to return to the stage. "Living on Love" is a Broadway production that debuted at Waterbury Steven Angels Theatre.

The director, Semina DeLaurentis, is a good friend of the former actress and was happy to see her return as "Raquel" for the play. In the story, the character gets jealous of her husband's younger love interest and hires one of her own.

In addition to being picky, Zimbalist admitted that she also hasn't been keeping up with the competition in the industry. To do so would mean going under the knife, or injecting botox into her face.


Zimbalist has no interest in either one of the above, which she said must be done "if you want to be in the race. According to the outlet, Zimbalist competes against no one and is accepting of whichever way the cards fall.


She loves herself even as she remains humble and satisfied with what she amassed in her earlier years. Zimbalist even said, "I don't look in the mirror a lot," a testament to her sense of security.

As to why she returned for the role, it will be done in Connecticut, her grandfather's home state. Efrem Zimbalist was a composer, violinist, and teacher who also worked in entertainment. 

An interview with People from 1985 showcased Zimbalist's love for her grandfather, who passed away in the same year. She called him "the greatest man I'll ever know." 

He used to watch television with her, napping in the day just so he would be able to stay up with her. The 95-year-old was central to forming Zimbalist's perception of an ideal man. 


Speaking of ideal, Zimbalist's former co-star from "Remington Steele," Pierce Brosnan, has long been regarded as the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. These days, the actor is still a looker, grey hair and all. 

His wife Keely Shaye Smith was the lucky woman who stole Brosnan's heart 25 years ago. The two are still happily married and share two sons. Brosnan also has three children from a previous relationship.