Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Father George W Bush Broke One of the First CDs She Ever Bought over His Leg

The talk show co-host opened up about the song, whose lyrics enraged her father to the point of destroying the CD.

During a recent episode of “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” Jenna Bush Hager and guest co-host Carson Daly had a brief talk about “bad words” in the lyrics of the song.

Daly told Hager that his son enjoys rap music, but the host himself is worried about the lyrics that may involve bad words.

After Daly’s admittance, Hager recalled her own experience with her father, former President of the US, George W. Bush, who once was mad because of a controversial song she was playing.

Hager explained that she had purchased one of the first CDs with her own money -- an album by Nirvana with Kurt Cobain as their frontman.

The co-host didn’t name the exact song that angered Bush but promised Daly that she would tell him about it “during the commercial.”

Her father always allowed her to listen to the kind of music she wanted, but that particular song from Nirvana was too much for him to tolerate, she explained.

“Future leader of the free world listening to you listen to that. That’s terrifying,” Daly joked about Bush, who would later go on to become the President of the United States.

When he further questioned Hager as to what exactly Bush did after hearing the lyrics to the song, she told him that her father “broke the CD over his leg.”

However, Hager empathized with her father by admitting that it must have been difficult for anyone to hear their “little daughter listen to it.”

Although Hager did not explicitly mention the song’s title, Daly indicated that he understood which song it was that angered Bush.

“It’s two words, right?” Daly stated, to which, Hager replied, “Yes, you’ve got it.”

In a previous episode of her talk show on Today, Hager also opened up about her grandfather, Late George H.W. Bush, and revealed how he had cried after finding out that she had named her daughter after him.

She explained that the former president wasn’t expecting it and, thus, he was reduced to tears of joy when she surprised him with the news.