New 'Lion King' Trailer Reveals Beyoncé as Nala & Fan Reactions Are Priceless

The newest "Lion King" trailer gives fans the first sneak peek of Beyonce as Nala, and their reactions are priceless. 

"Simba, you have to take your place as king. We need you. Come home."

This is the first line from Beyonce that fans heard thanks to the newly released "Lion King" trailer. Many people just can't wait for the "Lion King" live-action reboot, and every single update they get is something they cherish. Now, they were treated to something new in the latest trailer as Beyonce's take on Nala is heard for the first time.

Exciting Trailer 

In the trailer, she says the lines: "Simba, you have to take your place as king. We need you. Come home," which by the sound of it, proves that she is the best person to play the role. The trailer also shows the iconic wildebeest stampede and the iconic fight between siblings Scar and Simba with a burning Pride Rock in the background, further exciting their fans.

With Beyonce in the film are Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, John Oliver, Eric Andre, and James Earl Jones. Of course despite the star-studded film, all eyes, well, ears, are on Beyonce. 

Another Knowles "Lion King" rendition

One with the fans in appreciating "Lion King," is Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy, who has been practicing her own rendition of the movie's songs, including "Circle of Life." 

In Tina Knowles Lawson's "Wearable Art Gala" in Santa Monica, the 7-year-old put on a performance in a beautiful "Lion King" inspired costume. 

Blue is definitely her mother's daughter, who is a natural in front of the camera. While singing along to the catchy tune, she showed off her beautiful outfit and enjoyed every bit of it. No doubt, the young girl is bound to be one of the next generation's best performers, and we're definitely looking forward to that day. 

For now, we are one step closer to seeing her mom, Beyonce, in "Lion King." The live-action film is directed by Jon Favreau and hits theaters on July 19. 

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