June 09, 2019

Watch Bow Wow's Daughter Shai Refuse to Monkey around with Him

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Bow Wow and his little mini-me daughter are known for their adorable father-daughter moments. The doting father posted a cute video on his Instagram page of a scene where Shai wasn't having any of his small cute talks.

Shai is growing up to become a beautiful, assertive girl; one who's having less chill for all the daddy shenanigans Bow Wow is bringing to the table.


The little darling is the rapper's daughter with baby mama, Joie Chavis. Joie and Bow Wow welcomed their baby in 2011 to the joy of the 32-year-old rapper.

In the clip, the eight-year-old who is the perfect combo of her "fine" parents can be seen trying to take care of her hair. Her daddy, who was right behind his daughter kept going on and on hyping his baby girl's beautiful hair.


But Shai, who was diligently trying to apply products to her hair wasn't having any of it and finally showed her father the door. She then went on to continue with what she was doing. 

The clip was not only funny, but it also depicted the adorable relationship between the rapper and his eight-year-old. Bow Wow captioned the video saying:

"When being a hype man for your daughter goes wrong ❤#shaiandshad #daddydaughter."


The rapper's fans were elated and took to the comment section to share their views on how adorable the clip was.


In another cute video just like this, Shai and Bow Wow could be seen participating in the "Waoh" challenge. The duo can be seen in the clip jumping up and down before hitting the Waoh.

The clip wasn't just funny; there was an embarrassing moment where the little girl schooled her father by beating him in the fun video.



Unlike popular belief, not everyone is looking forward to adult life, and Moss is one of them. Recently, the rapper on his Instagram stories confessed to being scared to succumb to the responsibilities that come with being a grown man.

Bow Wow in the emotional posts went on and on about being afraid to "tackle on adult life things like marriage and family." The father of one, 32 who seemed to be in a dilemma revealed that he is "really nervous" to take on grown men roles but then admitted to needing to grow up.


The outpour of emotions in the posts made a lot of fans warm up towards him with some applauding him for the courage to share his truth. Bow Wow has had it rough this past year. The 32-year-old not only had to deal with heartbreaks, an alcoholic father but also suffered the loss of his son.

However, it seems like he's finally found a silver lining - his daughter - amidst all the turmoil and the two couldn't be more adorable.