Carrie Underwood Once Opened up about the First and Only Time She Was Dumped

It's hard to imagine Carrie Underwood getting dumped, but she once revealed that it happened to her, and the experience had some life-changing circumstances.

Everyone one who knows Carrie Underwood would find it difficult to believe that the beautiful award-winning country singer ever got dumped, but it happened, and she told the story herself.


In 2011, the singer wrote a piece titled "What I Know About Men" for the "The Sydney Morning Herald," and revealed details about her first and only heartbreak and the resulting consequences.

Underwood wrote that being a small town girl, she didn't get to have a boyfriend until she got to college. The relationship didn't last long, and young Underwood was once again single. Despite the pain she felt, the singer noted that her life would have taken a different course if the relationship had worked out.

She also revealed the experience is the reason why she sings about unrequited love and men that cheat. The singer also learned a life lesson, as she realized that not every guy she falls in love with would love her back.


Although the college boyfriend was Underwood's first relationship, she had her first kiss years before. In the write-up, the country singer wrote about meeting a young skater with long hair wearing unruly jeans. He was from out of town and represented "Danger" to the small town girl Underwood was.

The singer revealed she felt attracted to him because he was different from the boys she went to high school with, and he was the best she could get at the time.


Mr. Dangerous might have been the best she had as a teenager, but after winning "American Idols" in 2005, and struggling to find a stable relationship afterward, things turned around in 2008.

The singer got introduced to the man she married — Mike Fisher — by her bassist, Mark Childers, and a year later, they got engaged in December 2009 and got married at the Ritz-Carlton resort at Lake Oconee, Georgia.

Now, after nearly a decade together, Underwood and Fisher have two sons — Isaiah Michael and Jacob Bryan Fisher, and the singer has since forgotten about the college student that broke her heart.

Underwood considers herself blessed, and she described the father-of-two as someone with "A gorgeous heart in a gorgeous body."