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5-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Murdered by Uncle Buried in Coffin with Rainbow-Colored Butterflies

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 07, 2019
02:07 A.M.
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Elizabeth "Lizzy" Shelley, who police have said was killed by her uncle, was buried in a little white coffin adorned with rainbow-colored butterflies and the words "Live like Lizzy."


On June 4, the 5-year-old girl's casket is conveyed from Nyman Funeral Home in Logan, Utah after funeral services. She was kidnapped from her home, and five days later, she was discovered lifeless in the backyard of a nearby residence.

"Every time I walk into Smith’s [grocery store], a little voice is going to come in my head, her asking if she could get an apple or an orange."


During the funeral services, there was no mention of the heartbreaking way Lizzy passed on. She was recalled as a polite and easy-going girl who enjoyed strolling shoeless through tall grass. 

Jessica Whipple, Lizzy's mother, said that her daughter loved picking flowers. In the evening, she would gaze toward the sky and exclaim, “Wow! The moon!” 

On the off chance that Lizzy noticed her mom wasn't listening, she would announce again, “Mom, did you hear what I just said? There’s a moon!”


Jessica also shared how Lizzy attempted to ride her bike down a park slide. The devastated mother said that she will miss her daughter very much.

“Snuggling her up. Taking her places. Every time I walk into Smith’s [grocery store], a little voice is going to come in my head, her asking if she could get an apple or an orange. That was her favorite thing to do," she added.


Detrich Black, Jessica’s fiance, said he felt privileged to help raise Lizzy and for the young girl to call him father. 

Detrich remembered how Lizzy would ride beside him in their van. According to him, Lizzy would often point out the red lights and cautioned him to be mindful of pedestrians.


On May 25, Lizzy was reported missing, and police have accused her uncle, Alex Whipple, 21, of taking her from her home and murdering her. 

For five days, searchers investigated the Logan area before Alex revealed where he had hidden her body. He buried Lizzy under leaves and trash in a forested area less than a block from her home.

Alex is charged with aggravated murder, child kidnapping, and deals with other charges in association with Lizzy's death.


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