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Donald Trump Sparks Heated Talk on Twitter after Calling Bette Midler a ‘Washed-Up Psycho’

Joe Akins
Jun 07, 2019
03:24 A.M.
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The actress Bette Midler and the President were once again caught in a Twitter feud on Tuesday, and Twitter users aren't letting the President go scot free. 


It seems like Donald Trump's twitter rants aren't over just yet, but this time, he picked the wrong person! The exchange of insults was due to a fabricated quote posted by Midler which she had since apologized for. 



Midler, 73, took to her Twitter account to post a quote which had been roaming the Internet for years now and had since been debunked to be false on her page. 

The quote which was allegedly a statement Trump made in 1998 that if he were to ever run for President, he'd run under the Republicans since they are the "dumbest" sets of voters. 



On realizing that the quote was indeed a fake, Midler took to her page to apologize for the mistake, but she, however, didn't stop there. The singer stated that the reason why anyone will believe any of the lies being spread about the President is that he spreads most of them himself. 

“Yes, one must always check the quotes. That should take up, oh, maybe 23 of the 24 hours in the day? Because there are SO MANY LIES, most of them generated by Trump himself, that the task of separating the truth from the lies is impossible,” she wrote. “Which is just how he likes it. #CHAOS.”



As expected, Trump took to his page in his typical fashion to give a thought-provoking reply, which many found not only insulting but also "low." Trump wrote, 

"Washed up psycho @BetteMidler was forced to apologize for a statement she attributed to me that turned out to be totally fabricated by her in order to make “your great president” look really bad. She got caught, just like the Fake News Media gets caught. A sick scammer!"



Most people were not only shocked but appalled by the President's choice of words for their beloved Milder. Most responses showed that people were disappointed in Trump mostly because the actress who realized her mistake sent out an apology, which is more than anyone can say for the President. 

The tweet caught the attention of prominent faces including singer Tommy Lee who wrote

“Dude…you’re a f— joke please quit while you’re ahead I guess!?! Don’t go away mad just go away!!!!!”


And Andy Cohen who simply told the President, 

“Go to sleep, you lunatic.”


Actress Alison Wright who reveres the actress wrote, 

"#BetteMidler is a PROVEN phenomenal talent. A legend who brings joy to millions. With more talent in her left eyebrow than you will ever have. You are only an embarrassment. The world laughs at you every day, Don." 



However, it wasn't just the people who were angered by the offensive tweet of Donald Trump. The 73-year-old singer also called the President out for his insensitive message and even went ahead to shade his choice of the Tuxedo he wore to meet the Queen during his three day trip to the UK. 

Milder didn't stop there; she also teased that his gift from The Queen was just a mere book, 

"Queen Elizabeth gave Trump #WinstonChurchill’s copy of a rare book,” she wrote.

 “Even more rare? The chance that Trump would actually read it, or ANY book.”


This is not the first time the two will be at loggerheads and with the look of things, it probably won't be the last.