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Travel Agent Mistakenly Gifts an Older ‘Couple’ with a Romantic Holiday

Comfort Omovre
Jun 09, 2019
07:43 A.M.
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A travel agent gave a nice present to an older woman and man but discovered something shocking afterward.


A travel agent was in his office when he noticed two older people — a man and a woman — looking through the window of his travel agency.

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They were staring at travel brochures to holiday spots in different parts of the world. The agent felt for them, and since business is thriving, he decided to be generous.

The travel agent invited them into his office and said: 

"I am certain that your pensions combined cannot pay for any of the vacations advertised on the brochure, So I'm sending you two on an all-expense paid vacation, and I won't take no for an answer."

The older man and woman readily accepted the offer; the agent then instructed his secretary to book the duo a flight and get them a room at a five-star hotel, and off they went.


Less than a month later, the older man and woman returned from vacation, and the latter came to see the travel agent.

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The agent excitedly asked her how the trip went, and the woman responded: 

"The flight was relaxing and the room beautiful, but there is one thing I haven't figured out."

The man asked:

"What is it?" 

She asked:

"Who is that old guy I had to share a room with?" 

Another older woman was walking on the side of the road when Sally, while on her way back from Northern Arizona, decided to give her a lift.


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Sally needed the company as the road ahead was long and quiet. She stopped and asked the woman if she would like to ride along, and without uttering a word, the woman got into the car.


As the journey progressed, Sally tried to start a conversation with the woman, but all she got was silence. The older woman stared at the interior of the car, silently taking note of everything.

Her eyes settled on a paper bag beside the younger woman, and she asked her what it held. Sally said after looking at the bag herself, 

"It's a bottle of wine."

She added:

"I got it for my husband." 

The older woman appeared to process the information for a moment, and with wisdom that comes with age, she declared,

"Good trade."

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