Remember Haley Who Claimed to Be Pregnant with Baby Jesus? Here’s What Happened to Her

Joe Akins
Jun 07, 2019
03:29 P.M.
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Once upon a time, a teenage girl claimed to be pregnant with Baby Jesus, and her life has taken several turns since then.


In 2016, a teenager known simply as Haley made the headlines when she told the world during an appearance on the talk show "Dr. Phill" with Phill McGraw that she was pregnant with Baby Jesus.

22-year-old lady who shocked the world by revealing she was pregnant with baby Jesus at 16. Photo: YouTube/Dr. Phil


She returned to the show later to debunk the story, saying what she had in her stomach was gas and not a baby. Since then, Haley has been in and out of rehab, trying to treat her mental health issue — paranoid schizophrenia.

Appearing on "Dr. Phill" again, she spoke on her time in rehab and her belief that she didn't get better. After McGraw referenced her time at the creative care program —a treatment facility — and how she came to the conclusion that she was not pregnant due to their care, Haley said that's not the way things happened.


The now-22-year-old said meeting new people was the only good thing that came from her time in rehab. She said it was a waste of her time, and all they did was give her more medications. Haley also said she never admitted to not being pregnant, saying she thinks the producers told her to say that.

The young woman also said that she kept moving from one treatment center to another but didn't get better. Also, Haley does not have a job, because her meds make her tired, and all she wants is to be taken seriously so that she can get well.

Dr. Phil | Photo: YouTube/Dr. Phil


The young woman's tale of woes started when she convinced herself she was pregnant. No one around her believed her as six pregnancy tests proved otherwise. When she remained adamant, she got invited to "Dr. Phill" for the first time along with her mother and sister. They pegged her as a compulsive liar, but it didn't deter her.

On the show, a doctor carried out an ultrasound to see if she was indeed pregnant, and it turned out she had dilated bowel loops and a swollen stomach. 


The ultrasound was not enough to convince her as she insisted that she felt the baby kick and knew the position of the head. However, two months later, the then-teenager came back to the show saying she woke up one night and her stomach was flat, and her baby, gone.

Although everyone still insists that she was never pregnant, Haley is resolute that she carried her savior, and wants to get her life back on track.