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What Any Respectable Woman Should Do When Waves Snatch off Her Bathing Suit

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 07, 2019
04:03 P.M.
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In this joke of the day, the worst nightmare of any woman visiting the beach came true for one lady. How did she handle it? 


A woman named Jenny was telling her husband about the amount of fun she had during a beach outing with her fellow bridge club members.

The annual event took place at the start of summer, and so it's the perfect joke to take us into the first month of our favorite sunny season.

Three women enjoying the beach | Photo: Shutterstock


Jenny finished telling her husband about all the fun she had, but she ended by saying, "The day was great but it didn't end too good for me, actually." 

"Well, what happened?" her husband prodded, to which Jenny answered: 

"I went in to take a final swim even though the water was a bit rough. I stayed near the shore so I wouldn't get caught in the waves."

Women laying down on the shore of a beach | Photo: Shutterstock


She continued: 

"Suddenly, I realized that all the water turbulence had not only removed the bottom half of my bikini but that it had taken it away completely. That sucker was gone!"

Her husband was shocked. "What on earth did you do, dear?" he asked. "Do?" Jenny answered. "Well, naturally I did what any respectable woman would." 

"I lifted my hands to cover my face and peeked through my fingers. I ran so fast toward the beach house you wouldn't believe." 

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Source: Mr. Funny

Another respectable woman had an issue with her husband and went to a pharmacy to solve the matter. 

Calmly, the woman, who wore her hair well done and had on modest clothing, approached the pharmacist. She looked him straight in the eyes.

"I would like to purchase some cyanide, please," she said. The pharmacist raised his eyebrows in surprise.

A bottle of poison | Photo: Shutterstock.


"And what, may I ask, do you want cyanide for?" he asked. The lady smoothly responded, "I need it so that I may poison my husband."

Now approaching shock, the pharmacist's eyes opened wide. "I can't sell you cyanide to do that! It's murder! I'd lose my license and we'd both go to jail."

A surprised man | Photo: Shutterstock

He went on: "There's no way I'm giving you ANY cyanide! No way!" As he finished, the woman reached into her purse and pulled out a photograph of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife. 

The pharmacist gazed at the picture for mere seconds before speaking again. "Well now, you never said that you had a prescription."