Steve Lawrence Reveals He's Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Steve Lawrence is resilient amid his Alzheimers diagnosis which he just confirmed to the public.

Lawrence, 83, confirmed suspicions that he is sick in a letter that People magazine allegedly obtained from spokesperson Howard Bragman.

The singer is best known for his musical partnership as part of a duo with his late wife Eydie Gormé. He's also starred in several films and TV shows including "The Judy Garland Show," "Gilmore Girls," and "The Yards."

"Dear Friends," Lawrence began the letter. He acknowledged the rumors before clarifying that he wanted to "tell [his] own truth."

He continued

“I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s in the early stages. I am being treated with medications under the supervision of some of the finest doctors in the field."

Lawrence revealed that the medications "managed to slow down this horrific process," and said he was still enjoying his life and going out with friends and family. 

Speaking directly to fans, he added

“I want my beloved fans to know that in spite of this bittersweet moment, what I don’t want is pity or sympathy — I have lived and am living a wonderful, joyous life filled with love, support, and amazing moments."

He remembered his "beloved Eydie," with whom he shared most of his career, something he described as "a source of joy and fulfillment." He then thanked fans for their "immeasurable love and support."

He concluded

"As I continue this journey, I ask for your prayers, your good wishes and implore you to find the joy every day, because what I feel is gratitude, love and hope — nothing more and nothing less, and I hope you can find the same."

The singer signed off "with love." Love was the foundation for his 55-year marriage to Gormé. In a tribute on his website, Lawrence called her his "partner on stage and in life."

The couple experienced great loss together when their 23-year-old son tragically died back in 1986. Michael Robert Lawrence reportedly passed away from an abnormal heart function at the time. 

The pair's other son, David Lawrence, followed in the footsteps of his parents by becoming a musical composer and working in entertainment. 

Although he wasn't a lyricist, it was Steve who recorded the worded theme song for the popular 60s show "Bewitched." Many people don't know that the song even had lyrics, much less that it was sung by Lawrence.

The showbiz legend loved his craft, though. In fact, after his wife's death, he re-emerged and released an album for Valentine's Day to honor his wife. The album was initially put on hold due to Gormé's death, but it turned into an ideal way to honor her.

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