Jada Pinkett-Smith: No Infidelities but Betrayals of the Heart in Marriage to Will

Jada Pinkett Smith let it all out in a deep conversation about her relationship and marriage to actor, Will Smith.

An episode of Facebook Watch's "Red Table Talk" aired on Monday, and it had Jada's mother, Adrienne Banfield Jones, and famous therapist Esther Perel present.


Jada talked to Esther about how people had asked her if she was facing cheating scandals in her marriage to Will, to which she replied that she had other marital struggles and "betrayals of the heart" which to her, were more painful than the issue of infidelity.

Mrs. Smith talked to Esther about how she tried to take full responsibility for herself in marriage and focus on improving her personal life outside of marriage.

Pinkett Smith further stated that she and her husband had to take their time to discover themselves in isolation; find genuine affection and bond apart from the obligations of traditional marital roles.


Further explaining that she did not want to feel entitled to her husband and didn't want her husband to feel entitled to her in any way. Smith stated that she had to compel herself and Will to search for what they each wanted from their marriage aside from the conventional practices of marriage.

Jada stated that the traditional outlines of marriage required her to be a perfect wife who supports the aspirations of her husband and is expected to be his pillar at all time.

She further revealed that those outlines, at a point, made her own life just a reflection of Will's and the reflection overshadowed the essence of hers.


She acknowledged the fact that she was okay with being his life source and energy, but she also wanted to have a life of her own, that which would not revolve around her husband's.

Perel further questioned Jada on how Will felt about her yearn for change. Jada replied that the 50-year-old actor felt "abandoned" at first and was hurt as a result of the marital instability that followed.

Pinkett Smith further stated that her journey to attain independence was a painful one which took lots of sacrifices.

She also revealed that she had to condition herself consciously to stop expecting too much from Will and in the process, she discovered something interesting. A fraction of her dependence on him stemmed from her daddy issues and she had to work on it and learn to move on from the emotional traumas of her childhood.

Jada had revealed earlier this year that she put in lots of work for her marriage to work out and the solution came from each of them finding their personal space, peace, love, and happiness.


Will was present in an episode of the "Red Table Talk" late last year where he discussed the challenges he faced when he and Jada broke up temporarily at a point in their marriage.

He also confessed the sacrifices they put into restructuring their lives and relationship. The restructuring, as stated by Will and Jada on different occasions made their relationship a much more open one where there are no deal breakers.

The duo also consider their relationship a lifetime partnership where each party had a life of their own and are allowed to pursue their individual goals.

The Hollywood couple has been married since 1997 and they are still going pretty strong.