Thandie Newton's Selfie with Son Booker Shows Just How Much They Look Alike

Actress Thandie Newton flaunts her adorable son in her latest selfie. She once admitted panicking after learning she was pregnant with the five-year-old who was born on their bathroom floor.

Thandie Newton was a proud mother of two daughters for years when she learned she was pregnant with her third child, a son this time. That child is now five and he is quite the charmer in the latest selfie his mother shared.


Booker Jomb arrived in March 2014 in the family’s bathroom floor. Thandie refused to deliver her children at the hospital associating it with sickness so she opted for home birth. It was where she felt “most relaxed and comfortable,” she told the hosts of the “Today” show.

The actress’ two older daughters, Ripley, 18, and Nico, 14 were also born at home, so for Thandie, it was normal. 

“There was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn't such a big deal,” she reasoned.


While the birth of Booker was a relaxing experience for the 46-year-old wife of English director Ol Parker, she admitted to panicking when she learned of her pregnancy.

Speaking to Stylist magazine at the time, she described the thoughts running in her head. She worried about having a child at 40 who would be 13 years older than his sibling. She was also concerned that with the age gap, the boy would feel like an only child. Moreover, her husband would be filming in India at the time she was due. Her mind was racing she even worried about their new cat and the red wine she drank and mussels she ate a week earlier.


Thandie was also busy working on the police drama “Rogue” and worried she couldn’t handle filming while pregnant. But the “Westworld” star apparently did and now enjoys being a mother to Booker. The recent selfies she shared of the two of them reveals not just their special bond but their striking resemblance.

“Happy Sunday from me and Electric Boogaloo x,” Thandie wrote and no one is probably happier than her at that moment. Her son is adorable. He squints in the first photo and smiles in the next. We can imagine the joy he brings to the family.


With Booker providing Thandie newfound pleasures in being a mother at her age, her youngest daughter, Nico may just turn her into a stage mom. The 14-year-old has dipped her feet into acting with her debut film “Dumbo.” She stars as the daughter of a circus worker played by Colin Farrell.

The family attended the film’s premiere in March and Thandie stood alongside her daughter with pride on the red carpet. Nico is beautiful like her and no doubt inherited her talent too.


Nico never thought she'd be an actress like her mom. She previously told Hollywood Reporter that acting wasn’t something she had considered. 

"I'd only seen it as, like, the cool thing that my mum does sometimes," she said.

But after auditioning for a role in “Dumbo,” that changed. 

"I was really proud of it when doing it and I was really confident in myself . . . from there I thought, 'This may be what I want to do when I'm older,’” she concluded.

With her parents' support, we're certain Nico is destined for success in the industry.