Wendy Williams Holds Hands and Cuddles Mystery Man Amid Divorce Process (Photo)

The TV host took to social media to tease a possible new romantic companion in a picture taken at a luxurious pool in California, with herself and the unidentified man enjoying the sunset together.

54-year-old Wendy Williams has been on an emotional rollercoaster surrounding her divorce from her husband of more than 20 years, TV producer Kevin Hunter, but she shows signs of recovery now that she seems to have found love again.

At least that is what we can conclude by seeing her recent somewhat cryptic post on Instagram, on which she talks about having a good time with a very special and very sexy man whose face she refrained from showing.


“Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people. Thank you, California! You've won me over!” Williams captioned the image she uploaded on June 10.

“I'll be back for the Hip Hop Festival in August! #92.3 #oldenoughtobeyourmother #verysexyman #mynewlife,” she added, dropping hints about a possible new relationship with a younger man.

Williams is seen holding the man’s hand and leaning against his thigh, and she has a peaceful face, keeping her eyes closed.


The TV star had denied rumors of having a new boyfriend just a month prior to this, arguing that a handsome man she was seen with was actually a member of her security team, but she said she was once again open to dating.

So, whether this new mystery man is a fleeting romantic partner or a more established relationship is yet to be seen, but meanwhile, her fans are happy to see her enjoying the company of men and moving on.



“Wendy is reclaiming her time! Yasss!!!” a user wrote in the comments section of the post. “Loving single Wendy,” another user added.

“You deserve this and so much more Wendy. Beyond happy for you,” someone else commented. “Oh Wendy hunny YES, I love this new you. So happy for you,” said another user.


The picture of pure happiness that Williams displays in the above-mentioned post is only part of it since, on the same day, a video of the TV host bursting into tears while talking about her ongoing divorce surfaced online.

While she has reportedly been in good spirits and has found the strength to go through the difficult separation, she is the first to admit that it is not an easy process, and she is obviously experiencing conflicting emotions with this new beginning.

To put it in her own words: "You don't just throw away 25 years lock, stock, and barrel."


Some people have identified the man who is sitting next to Williams in the car as she tearfully gives declarations about her private life as “The Wendy Williams Show” DJ Boof.

Nevertheless, DJ Boof has denied being in a relationship with Williams on several occasions.

“Try again!! Not my hand!!!” DJ Boof wrote in on Instagram Stories in reference to Williams’ mystery man, adding crying with laughter emojis to laugh it off.