Amy Roloff of LPBW 'Bummed' as Mom Still Can’t Come Home from Hospital Due to Bone Infection

Amy Roloff of “Little People, Big World” has been keeping fans abreast of her mother's ill health. The newest update from the star has her expressing disappointment that Patricia still has to continue her stay in the hospital.

Amy took to Instagram yesterday, June 11, to share pictures of herself and her parents. There are two pictures in all and Amy is present in both, one with her parents and the other with just her mom and sister.

The selfie shots capture the tight-knit relationship between the famous family, but it was Amy's lengthy caption that mainly captures everyone's attention.

The famous reality star has openly discussed her mother's illness on social media, so this post is not the first and probably won't be the last. The caption starts with Amy, who suffers from dwarfism, sending a shout out to her 90-year-old dad, her sister, and her cousin.

She noted that being back home at her Michigan town has made her nostalgic and reminds her of how much she has missed being with them.

It was after that she went on to explain that her mum, Patricia Knight still can't be discharged from the hospital because of a bone infection. Amy wrote:

“I'm so bummed my mom couldn’t come home yet but needs to stay in the hospital a little longer so they can take care of an infection in the bone of her finger still. Her heart is weak, but she is doing well considering.”

Her heartfelt message continued with the mother of four, sending out a note of appreciation to her friends, family, and fans for their “prayers and encouragement.” She concluded:

“Appreciate moments every day for time is but a moment and goes by fast. #lovemyfamily #michigangirl #amyroloffssecondact.”

The post, which is a day old, has already amassed well over 27,000 likes, and hundreds of comments as fans of the popular TV personality took to the comments section to send their wishes. Many however noted how youthful her father looks in the pictures despite being well past his prime at 90.

One fan, @brittavaneyken said:

“Your dad looks amazing at 90 ....hope your mum feels better soon!”

Amy Roloff plunged into fame because she has a form of dwarfism. However, her parents, Gordon and Patricia Knight, are not "little" people. Every photo of the couple, like from Amy's new post, show that they are averagely tall.

While Amy rarely talks about her parents, she disclosed that they were never aware of her tumultuous childhood battles with bullies.

That has, thankfully, done no damage to her relationship with them, which couldn't be more evident at times like these when the star shows great concern for her parents. Hope Patricia gets well soon!

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