Miranda Lambert Debuts a New Song at the CMA Music Festival

The country superstar Miranda Lambert wowed the audience with her newest number on the third day of CMA Fest. Lambert owned the stage as she performed, “Locomotive,” her latest release which incorporates a fusion of country as well as rock.

Besides her powerful voice, her remarkable performance on the stage, as well as her dazzling appearance in a glamorous dress, stole the show.

The artist herself described her song as a “country, punk-rock.” She also called it a fun song, which perfectly embodied her present state of mind.

“It really is a reflection of who I am right now,” she told Tennessean, “Like the first line of it is… you’ll know when you hear it.”

The first verse of the song’s lyrics is, “I’m headed toward the reservoir and I’m gonna need a drink.” Lambert took to stage donning a sparkling mini-dress that hugged her body and accentuated her trim figure.

She accessorized herself with a pair of gold hoop earrings as well as a gold belt around her waist. 

Miranda also sported a couple of shining bracelets on her wrists which complemented her glowing appearance and fashion statement.

Finally, she allowed her wavy, blonde locks to fall free over her shoulders to complete her glamorous presence on the stage.

The singer also flaunted her bold fashion sense previously during last year’s ACM Awards, where she donned a sensational red dress.

Meanwhile, during the CMA Fest, the country icon also took an opportunity to promote her foundation, MuttNation, which she established for rescuing dogs.

She later took to Twitter to thank her fans who stopped by the foundation’s booth, placed at the CMA Fest, to adopt rescued dogs. 

According to Lambert’s tweet, the foundation was successful in getting all 61 of the rescued dogs adopted. 

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