Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Explain Their 'Blanket' Parenting Tactic after Being Slammed for It

Comfort Omovre
Jun 16, 2019
08:33 A.M.
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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff explained why they chose to train their daughter, Ember, with the "Blanket” parenting tactic, after getting slammed for it, and it had an unlikely result.


Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, the former stars of the reality TV show "Little People, Big World" and authors of the book "A Love Letter Life" are no stranger to controversy.


Since the two became parents to their daughter, Ember, they have come under fire several times for their parenting choices; the couple's latest reveal on a parenting tactic they are using brought them nothing but backlash.

Audrey revealed in a social media post that they adopted the "Blanket" parenting method as a way to train their child.

The method involves placing an infant on a blanket for several minutes, and if the child leaves the blanket space, a ruler is used to spank the child, until he or she learns not to roll off.


The mum-of-one said they started using the method when Ember was 6-month-old, putting her on the blanket for a few minutes and as she grew, the time got extended.

The former reality star equally pointed out that they used the method every week, not daily, but the description of the technique was horrendous enough to earn the couple significant backlash.

After getting criticised, the couple explained that they are not trying to be rigid but want to teach their 2-year-old daughter how to entertain herself, respect boundaries, be disciplined, and obey her parents.


The explanation incensed their critics more, and one critic called it:

"A desperate attempt to win over people."

Another said the former reality couple was stifling Ember's curiosity and called Audrey a "Control freak."

Others said Jeremy and his wife were dehumanising their daughter and questioned how he could let it happen when, as a little boy, he had a lot of freedom growing up on Roloff Farms.

The couple is yet to respond to these criticisms and a while ago, Audrey was called out by her followers on social media after she posted a picture of little Ember sitting behind a tractor.


The author's critics questioned her judgement, asking what would she do if the little girl fell and got run over by the tractor; they equally questioned her competence as a mother.


Audrey was also mum-shamed in 2018 after an episode of “LPBW” on TLC; in it, the former TV star said she felt robbed of having moments with her daughter when the then-infant had tongue ties and could not gain weight.

Instead of getting sympathy, she was told to stop having an idealised version of motherhood, as what she was going through is common in motherhood.

Audrey and Jeremy are doing the best they can and facing their responsibilities as parents despite the criticisms.