Tamera Mowry's Daughter Is 'Such a Cutie Pie' with Her Sweet Smile in Photo

Tamera Mowry is one proud mom, and she always makes sure to share the cutest photos of her babies with the rest of her fans and followers on social media. Recently, her daughter Ariah flashed a huge smile for the camera, proving just how fast she's grown through the past couple of months. 

Tamera Mowry's life has pretty much always been an open book since she started hosting "The Real," where she would often share a lot about her married life and motherhood. Her work always translates to social media, where she shares the most adorable photos of her children.

Growing Up Fast

Now, it was Ariah's turn to be on her proud mom's page, as she flashed a heartwarming smile for the camera, proving she's always ready for a closeup. The beautiful little girl took her mom's followers by surprise at how fast she's grown, especially since they've followed her story since she was a little girl. 

Recently on her hit daytime TV show, Tamera shared about the time she welcomed Ariah to the world but had such a difficult time in labor. No thanks to her difficult time getting an epidural, she had multiple panic attacks that had her husband had to come to her rescue very quickly. 

Best Husband Award

Instead of freaking out with her, Adam made sure to stay calm and take care of Tamera all while updating the rest of their family and friends in the hospital worried sick about them. According to Mowry's co-host, Loni Love, Adam did such a great job balancing everything that was happening. 

"He was good. He was texting us."

Tamera adds that what Loni said was true, especially since while she was in her own world, freaking out, he was calming her down and helping her up every time she needed to puke. 

"I followed all the rules. You weren't supposed to eat before you get the epidural, but I threw up four times and there was a moment where after the medicine goes in your body you get paralyzed from the waist down and you start freaking out. He grabbed my shoulders, rolled me over once and did it four times."

It seems there is nothing more Tamera could ask for in life, as she's been blessed with such beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, and a booming career. 

Way to go, Tamera! 

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